What SNP inaction would that be then?

I am sick of hearing  on social media that the SNP are doing nothing to further the course of independence, that they are comfortable where they are and have lost interest in independence. They are constantly criticised for ‘inaction’. Here#’s a response from a poster on Wings which I thought deserved repeating:


Which “inaction” is that? Is it the inaction of putting the legislation for an independence referendum in place?

Is it the inaction of supplying all our branches and huge membership with leaflets presently in distribution across the country extolling Independence as Scotland’s best bet and Scotland’s choice?

Is it the inaction of the inconvenience of having to govern Scotland well in difficult circumstance in the face of continuous and dishonest attack by all the media?

What of course we do face is the inaction of the fireside critics who never get off their arses and who do nothing but pontificate or batter out negativity online.

And,of course,this “They will never give us a Section 30” is no more than a surrender to our enemy. They just love it when we repeat this negative nonsense.
They will give us a Section 30 (unless of course the Electoral Commission is just indulging in time wasting considering the wording of it and the timing of it as it is presently doing – or the opposition parties are trying to change the wording of a referendum we won’t be getting).

No UK leader has stated that we will be refused a referendum.
No UK leader has stated that we will be refused a referendum.

They have said now is not the time,we will oppose it, we don’t agree with it,we will delay it, it was once in a generation etc.,etc.
But they won’t say “We will refuse.” Because they know they can’t.
It hasn’t even been formally asked for yet and their knickers are in twist.

I wonder what the Supreme Court might say when confronted with a attempt to prevent a referendum with the United Nations Charter on the inalienable right of self determiation of all peoples in front of them, with the Claim of Right (passed in Westminster 4th July last year)and even the Smith Commission whose last paragraph guarantees Scotland’s right to have independence if we choose it.

So instead of continuous negativity we are being subjected to at a point where we have never ever been in a better or stronger position – due to the steady,controlled, sensible and constructive behaviour of the SNP – can some of our armchair pundits get on the road with the the rest of us and carry a positive message to our people. We are getting 70% plus responses at places all across the country.

Thanks Dave, that needed said.

One thought on “What SNP inaction would that be then?

  • 27th September 2019 at 1:13 pm

    It’s only a feeling mind, but I believe all the silence from the SNP is because their intention is to use something similar on the UK in reverse, and given that most of the *governance* seems to be by convention that’s why unlike what Alex Salmond used to do which was lay out his thinking and plans only for the UK to thwart them Nicola Sturgeon and her people have just kept their mouths shut and got on with it

    I have every faith in Nicola Sturgeon that if there’s a way to screw the UK into doing what we want she’ll do it
    If any of us were her we wouldn’t yap about what we were going to do after the last time

    I believe and hope that the law is going to be used, and I believe it because why would she say *There will be a referendum and it will be put beyond any legal challenge*
    so of course she’s going to ask for a section 30 knowing that the UK will refuse but I think that part’s for our benefit and the media so they can report their usual *section 30 order has been refused what can the SNP do now it’s over for Nicola Sturgeon and Independence shit* and every body gets angry, but it keeps it all on the front pages and that’s what she wants, publicity for free

    Some will say it’s all wishful thinking because if there was a plan we should know about it, I think that’s just nonsense on a stick because if I was going to poke somebody in the eye I wouldn’t tell them when or which eye so they could duck

    I believe the FM is a really clever angry woman who wants to take revenge on Scotland’s abusers like a beaten wife, she knows she can’t win in a straight fight so her plan is more like a big knife to the base of the scull when their backs are turned

    The folk who keep banging on about the FM being comfortable in her job and not wanting Independence are just muck rakers and doom mongers, she could have been anywhere else if all she wanted was a job, we know she’s been offered high profile stuff but she’s still here and been in the SNP for 30 years, somebody like her doesn’t hang around in a regional parliament job for the money

    Just one guy’s opinion on an FM who could be or do anything she wanted if she wanted to, but I believe she wants Independence for Scotland and she’s determined to do it


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