Thursday 10th October 2019





England be ashamed!

Fiasco: the inside story of the Brexit talks

Brexit backstop showdown as Johnson and Varadkar set for ‘last chance’ summit

Brexit’s legacy for England will be politics as sectarian as Northern Ireland’s

Brexit: marching inexorably to a no-deal

Here’s the Government’s Brexit “No deal readiness report”. It runs to 155 pages. It is a peculiar mix of jolly pro-Brexit cheerleading and hair-raising warnings about everything that’s about to hit us with the force of a charging rhino.

Hunt has sent this letter to EU foreign minister (ht @bbclaurak). First, am sure it wasn’t the intention, but it comes across as the ‘dear Europeans, let me explain things to you because Britain knows best’ that so annoys many member states (beyond Brexit)




Scotland’s future must be in Scotland’s hands and not Boris Johnson’s. Deidre Brock speaks with people across Edinburgh on why it’s clear that only with an independent Scotland in Europe can we secure a more prosperous future, video

Find out how communities across Scotland may be affected by #Brexit with Scotgov’s interactive map. The map can be used to help local authorities and other organisations prepare for Brexit.

Richard Murphy Tax Research UK joins Norrie Hunter  in the IndyLive Radio Studio to talk GERS, UK Spending in Scotland and the potential of Scotland to be the ‘New Saudi Arabia’ and A Green New Deal

Brexit: Special sitting for MPs to decide UK’s future. Or more likely England will decide for everyone

Candidates battle it out to replace Commons Speaker Bercow

StevenPeers responds to decision by the Court of Session

No-deal Brexit: Julian Smith among ministers on ‘resignation watch’

Boris tells lies

Is there about to be a breakthrough in the Brexit talks?

“Disgusted and let down”   Harry Dunn’s mother describes her meeting with the foreign secretary as “a publicity stunt”.

Scroll down for archived article   Is Brexit making Britain a bargain for foreign investors?

Boris Johnson asks for his ‘insufficient’ reply to Jennifer Arcuri claims to be kept secret


6 thoughts on “Thursday 10th October 2019

  • 10th October 2019 at 9:56 am

    Update posted at top of page

    • 10th October 2019 at 11:44 am

      Mornin Nana. Fiasco the inside story of the brexit talks, a very worthwhile read.

      Oh what a tangled web we weave etc. Right from the start, so many lies, now so many missed opportunities. Sad, sad, sad. Now where are we, in the middle of the biggest bourach imaginable.Bozo and henchmen still trying to sell the lie that the talks are progressing and doing well, then from the EU, well, there are no talks and nothing sensible to talk about. Window dressing from no 10.

      Then there’s Northern Ireland. They never ever really even thought about it, did they. Same as with Scotland, we don’t really matter. Collateral damage, oh dear, how sad, never mind. Unfortunately for Westminster, they do actually have to mind. I find it pretty terrifying , crashing out with no deal, and, as for what might happen in NI, doesn’t bear thinking about. After twenty odd years of peace, they will be thrown under the bus and left to get on with it.

      We no longer have politicians in Westminster, worthy of the name. Instead of what’s best for the UK as a whole, it’s all party and personal benefits first. I truly despair somedays.

      We in Scotland still have a lifeboat, but I wish that they would bloomin well get on with launching it. I appreciate what the SNP have been doing, and that brexit has not yet been delivered, but, I fear for Scotland and all our fellow citizens under this bunch of charlatans.

      • 10th October 2019 at 12:11 pm

        Hi Marie,
        The brexit fiasco article is by Peter Foster europe editor for the Telegraph. He’s been reporting the facts rather than the BBC shite.
        Here’s his latest thread on Hammond’s mutterings from earlier today

        I’m hoping the FM will give us a wee hint during the conference, it’s getting harder being patient but at least we don’t have to be the one making the decision and she won’t want to get the timing wrong. For the sake of all our mental health and especially for the EU nationals living here, I hope it will be soon.

      • 10th October 2019 at 12:15 pm

        Re EU nationals and their settled status

        Secretary of State @BrandonLewis confirms that EU citizens in UK WILL be subject to full immigration enforcement and liable to removal if they miss Settled Status deadline in exclusive Interview with @StefanieBolzen in Germany’s

        This is the best I could manage… Clarity urgently requested from @scotgov after announcement of pending future detainment and deportation of EU citizens not approved for Settled status by the UK government.

        It is criminal how they have and are being treated.

  • 10th October 2019 at 11:30 am

    Just to round out the Trump-Kurd situation. His reasons for ditching the Kurds: they did not help at Normandy!!!!! From the Guardian:

    Has the world gone mad?

    I usually settle down with a cup of coffee to read through your links. These days the coffee is getting stronger and stronger but it is not giving me the usual buzz. I think I may have to start taking it intravenously.


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