Stuart Campbell, the GRA and the ‘End of Indy’

I can’t post this on Wings because I am banned – none of my comments appear any more. So I am posting it here and linking to it on social media because I believe it is important that Campbell’s attempts to destroy the current ‘open door’ opportunity for independence are opposed by as many as possible in as many places as possible.

Firstly, let me say that I personally think the reform to the Gender Recognition Act as currently proposed is clumsy, stupid and potentially damaging to the SNP. I agree with Campbell that it is the child of a manipulative clique of ‘woke’ entryists who almost certainly have sponsorship within the British state. But is it an indy-killer?

OK, England has given up on it. So an independent Scotland could in theory have a different transgender regime to England. So what? We have a separate legal system. We have different rules on many things, civil partnerships between opposite sex couples being just one area where England is actually ahead of us at the moment.

I repeat, so what? If the bill passes un-amended and if turns out to be as flawed and damaging as many good people are convinced it is, then it can be repealed precisely as the OBFA was when deemed to not be working. This is nothing to do with indy, and while the SNP are the only party who can realistically bring indy about it is not a reason to deny the party your vote.

If people are too stupid to keep their eye on the prize and then deal with the GRA fallout (if any) afterwards then that is a shame, and Wings will be in a great measure responsible for (IMO) stirring up unnecessary fear and loathing and jeapordising the current opportunity to achieve our goal.

If that is the way this particular cookie crumbles, then we can look forward to that SNP civil war that the media have been lusting for for so long. It is possible it will be brief and relatively bloodless, that Joanna Cherry will emerge victorious and the GRA will be put firmly to bed and that we can get on with the main event. However, it is also possible that it will be long and protracted and will utterly derail the current train of opportunity we are riding.

The latter possibility would be a disaster. And Wings and Stuart Campbell’s carefully ramped up moral outrage will be a major contributor to that disaster. Now is simply not the time. And let me say that having just read the BTL comments on Wings I can 100% guarantee that 90% of the respondents were never independence supporters. Like it or not, willing or just manipulated, Campbell, one of our greatest assets up to now, has become a tool of the British state.

And if this potential disaster does unfold – if the GRA, something that will affect a tiny minority of Scots, derails the independence train and wrecks it, then to me it stinks of a plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel. British black ops at their best. Don’t fall for it, folks. We will deal with the GRA and the SNP’s woke infiltrators in due course, but keep your eye on the prize now.

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