Monday 30th September 2018





Take a deep breath and read this:

Taking our fate into our own hands



Jackson Carlaw and @ScotTories now back No Deal. Here’s Jackson stating No Deal would justify #indyref2

‘Prime Minister, when was the last time you told a lie?’

British electoral system unprepared to resist foreign interference, officials say

Ex-top civil servant: Hammond was right to query no-deal backers

Brexit: into a very difficult space

Backstop cannot be time-limited – O’Neill



Brexit: Scottish Tories reverse Ruth Davidson’s opposition to no-deal

Kenny McBride presents this week’s Full Scottish and he is joined by guests, Andrew Wilson from AUOB by Chris McCusker from the SNP Socialist Group.

Know nothing Carlaw

This discussion shows the very best of legal-political-Brexit Twitter And gets to the heart of the point raised by @NicolaSturgeon earlier – opposition parties have to settle on a means to oust Johnson

Johnson’s obscene behaviour this week confirms the arrival of Trumpian Britain

UK minister ‘may have breached’ rules over second job

Boris Johnson’s sister warns PM’s ‘reprehensible behaviour’ may be due to bets on pound plummeting in no-deal crash for UK

Brexit crisis pushes UK business expectations to weakest since 2011: CBI

Spitting image making a comeback.  Well there is plenty material for them for sure

Boris Johnson’s ’40 new hospitals’ is actually just six and they’re not all new

Calls for inquiry into claims Johnson backers benefit from no-deal Brexit

Germany Will Not Agree To Delay Brexit “Just For The Sake Of It”

Jennifer Arcuri’s mystery £700,000 loan adds to pressure on Johnson

Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson are enmeshed in the new network politics of the Right

NEW: POTUS told Russian officials in an Oval Office meeting that he was unconcerned about Moscow’s interference in the election because the US did the same in other countries, an assertion that prompted alarmed officials to limit access to the remarks.


18 thoughts on “Monday 30th September 2018

  • 30th September 2019 at 9:07 am

    Mornin’ Nana

    Seems it’s been a long weekend away for the both of us. This one from WGD is worth reading.

    This bit in particular caught my eye –

    “It’s important that we never forget that this is not a disagreement about our goal, it’s a disagreement about tactics. All of us within the independence movement want the same thing, independence for this country. We may have different views about how we get there. We may have different ideas of the kind of independent Scotland that we seek to build. However we should, we must, agree to disagree without being disagreeable, because it’s only as a product of that respectful disagreement that a new consensus can emerge.”

    Probably worth people having a think about that. 😉

    • 30th September 2019 at 9:47 am

      Quite true, Sam, but unfortunately two of the best-known blogs of my former acquaintance seem to stew in their own bile below the line and I stopped making any comments there months and months ago. Even occasional lurking is not good for your mental health.

      One of the main themes of Nana’s links for me today is the extent to which Bojo is just the front man for the hedge-fund spivs and short-selling barrow-boys who are quite happy to tale a wrecking ball to the UK’s economy and institutions to make them billions and to avoid any tax by crashing out of the EU before its tax-avoidance regulations come into force. The collateral damage of further tens of thousands dying from poverty and lack of proper medicines as a result will be of no concern to them, of course.

      The suspicious crash of Thomas Cook for want of a paltry £200 million after its share price had been under sustained attack for a considerable time seems part of just another wizard wheeze to enrich a few at the cost of a lot of people’s mental and financial misery. Quite a coincidence, too, that it occurred while WM was still prorogued and was therefore safe from much scrutiny. Even with the return of parliament it barely registers as a concern when compared with an imminent crash-out Brexit.I walked past one of TC’s former stores yesterday which had a sad, squinty A4 sign saying “Closed with immediate effect”.

      That’ll be our democracy too unless we get a move on and launch the lifeboat “Caledonia”.

      • 30th September 2019 at 10:39 am

        Life interrupted my postings for the most part, but know what you mean. I tend to lurk/read quite a lot these days due to time constraints, but also I’ve noted that threads have taken a more depressed tone after the past few years of Westminster madness.

        Most normal people are tired and they’re afraid. They’ve had plenty to put up with over the piece for sure. Some are desperate and fed up of being pooped on from a great height.

        Some though…(*sigh*) Some visitors to sites are merely twisted enough to enjoy a bit of an argument because…. reasons.

        On Johnson? Mr Self entitlement. Yeah, I’d say he’s front man (fall guy) material. In terms of UK politics and economy, that squinty sign you mentioned in TC’s windae might as well say FIRE SALE! 😎

    • 30th September 2019 at 10:26 am

      I have instructed my ‘minder’ to post WGD’s blog at the top of todays links.

  • 30th September 2019 at 9:26 am

    Morning Macart and thanks for posting WGD’s latest. Paul has a wise head on his shoulders.

    • 30th September 2019 at 9:43 am

      He has his moments. 😀

      Hope you had a good weekend Nana. Just got back online myself after a weekend of meds and rest. Damn back went out on me and I didn’t feel up to doing anything other than sitting VERY still.

      Made a change from the usual travel routine right enough, but Jinkies… 😮

  • 30th September 2019 at 9:47 am

    Oh no Macart, when the back goes everything else suffers along with. Take care, feet up and get the family to wait on you.

    Believe me I know what you are going through and it sure is a pain 🙁

  • 30th September 2019 at 9:49 am

    Morning Tinto, I’m not as able as I used to be but I’m willing to scrub the decks on the good ship Caledonia 🙂

    • 30th September 2019 at 3:36 pm

      Afternoon, Nana and Macart. Have been to sea this morning, well, the Ayrshire coast. I could offer a little light dusting. I’m afraid I can’t make the crow’s nest no more. On second thotts a lady like wot you are shouldn’t be doing the heavy cleaning: that’s why we have Hackalumpoff.

      Yes, the “Whit you lookin’ at?” or obsessive troll-outing types do seem to be in the ascendant in the chat rooms, Sam. Got fed up scrolling past so often. I hope I have an indy campaign to take up my time soon.

      • 30th September 2019 at 5:42 pm

        Ok Tinto, Crows Nest was is it? Crows feet are more your style.
        Any more thotts like that from yoo and I will have to polish my Fid, None of yon other fellas silly wee hammers here.
        We’ll settle up on Saturday 😘

        • 30th September 2019 at 7:23 pm

          “Crows feet are more your style.” Oooh, scratch your eyes out, Hacka (had to look up fid)!

          Settle up we must: I still have your “Politics and Cummerbund Monthly” and your old James Last albums to return.

          Hope to see you in the throngs round the Wings stall. Will be under strict supervision.

  • 30th September 2019 at 2:22 pm

    Some explanations required. If – and I must stress the ‘if’ to be fair to the individual involved – this is a story of a politician being embedded in a Government legal team this will create serious concerns around the proper functioning of the Government Legal Department.

    Unfortunately article is behind a paywall


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