Monday 12th August 2019


A taste of what’s to come

EU’s Juncker tells Britain: no-deal Brexit will hurt you the most


Don’t forget to sign the FM’s Indy petition

FM is asked about alternative options for independence if Section 30 is not granted, response about legitimising those refusing one is very good.


On the Full Scottish this week, Kenny McBride is joined by guest Stuart McMillan MSP.

John Jappy: Hiding the truth

The SNP and Low-income voters

Iain Macwhirter: John McDonnell’s Edinburgh Declaration caught the Scottish political world completely by surprise

Jo Maugham says

I can confirm that our action to prevent the Charlatan cancelling Parliament has received (without an oral hearing) permission to proceed. THREAD –

UK economy slumps to worst performance in 7 years as Brexit stockpiling stalls

Brexit: Email slip-up reveals no-deal fishing patrol ‘uncertainty’

The truth about Dominic Cummings, writes Robert Peston

Use translate function  Pharma and Brexit: EU retest from 1 January 2020 only within the EU borders

Week in Review: The coming storm

Tourism booming in Scotland, not so much down south

More, Late night thread on this story, food and medicine shortages. For me, once the initial horror of this story implies wears off, what’s left are burning questions: “On what basis are these plans being drawn up? What, if anything, does the government know about what’s coming?

Brexit enforcer Cummings’ farm took €235,000 in EU handouts

The Government has drawn up a secret list of British employers that could be forced into administration under a no deal Brexit. Political reporter @robpowellnews has more.