Friday 9th August 2019

A summary of so many exchanges with a Brexiter.


To add to the numerous threads out there on Brexit, Dublin’s reading of the UK positioning is as follows:

A Nobel Laureate Scientist has warned leaving the EU, particularly with No Deal, will cause long-lasting damage to the UK’s status as a world leader in science. Boris Johnson can try to reduce barriers for scientists to travel but he won’t be able to reduce the damaging turmoil!

UK delays public spending review to focus on Brexit

The #IndyRef2 scare stories have already started. Here’s a handy Bullshit Bingo for you to print off and keep at home.

Exclusive: Scottish Labour ‘kamikaze unionists’ issued indy parliamentary statement against Leonard’s wishes

Professor Mark Elliott addresses the question – Can Parliament prevent a no-deal Brexit?

Can Boris Johnson ignore parliament and force a no deal Brexit?

A summary of so many exchanges with a Brexiter.

Bookmakers are taking bets on what the Government will ration first after Brexit

I just can’t help but share!

Thread below makes for grim reading

1/9 Since trade associations and organisations are now starting to leak what they told the Government under gagging orders I may as well join in… last year I had over an hour of conference call with one of the big four Pharmaceutical firms manufacturing in the UK. The person

What are freeports? Explainer here

Canada’s Brexit talks with the U.K.: There are none

Brexit: Mary Lou rules out special SF conference on party taking seats in Westminster