Friday 23rd August 2019


Talk about cooking the books Westminster

Alan Cumming hopes Brexit speeds up Scottish independence

Enough is enough

Vital reading. How Scotland, overburdened by PFI schemes, sees cash sucked out of its finances and funnelled to London and US vultures employing tax dodges

Just as in 1914, the Brexit buildup is making calamity feel inevitable

No-deal Brexit ‘will see more waste going to landfill’

60 years of policing cooperation with UK will ‘fall away’ after no-deal Brexit

Use translate function

There’s no sovereignty in being America’s puppet

British army ‘leaning on’ under-18s to help fill its ranks

The Story of Boris and Václav, or How to Break Up the UK

Brexit: winning the battle, losing the war

Brendan Boyle(US Congressman) – Let’s be clear… there will be no US-UK trade deal if the Good Friday Agreement is undermine.


5 thoughts on “Friday 23rd August 2019

  • 23rd August 2019 at 2:46 pm

    Thanks again for these, Nana.

    Having read the document in the Dinwoodie tweet and WGD’s article, I am puzzled. Austerity, both Labour- and Tory-style (distinction without a difference), has produced massive cut backs in public spending and yet, in ten years of Tory rule, the national debt has trebled to £2.1 trillion.

    What has all this money been spent on (since I am a bear of very little brane when it comes to economics and fiscal matters)? Why does not one of our brilliant and fearless investigative journalists ask this simple question of a government minister?

    Asking for a nation…..

    • 23rd August 2019 at 3:29 pm

      Excellent question Tinto, one which I’ve been puzzling over for some time.
      “Fearless investigative journalsists” I can just about remember when there were fearless investigative journos. Where did they all go?

  • 23rd August 2019 at 3:34 pm

    Hi Nana,
    Just a word to say thanks. I read your links every day. A bit tardy in showing appreciation, methinks.
    You provide such a range of sources which really sparks off a lot of thought and ideas.

    Keep up the godd work, please.

  • 23rd August 2019 at 3:35 pm

    “good work”

  • 23rd August 2019 at 8:19 pm

    Nana thanks for the links. I’m really busy once again so don’t have time to make comment about any of your links now. Suffice to say I read every one of them everyday.and use them to good effect (hopefully, lol). Keep up the good work. Won’t be long now (smiley). Best wishes Petra X


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