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Worried about the GRA? Do something constructive.

The SNP and the GRA

If you want the SNP to take a more moderate and balanced position on the trans issue, there's something you can do that is far, far more constructive than voting against the SNP next year and potentially making a unionist majority at Holyrood more likely.

You can respond to the Scottish government's consultation on GRA reform here:

The deadline is 17th March, and if you need a template response, one possibility can be found here:


Don’t know if people may find this helpful 

My Views on Scotlands GRA Reforms

Quote from Ann B on 6th March 2020, 2:39 pm

Don’t know if people may find this helpful 

My Views on Scotlands GRA Reforms

It's a very valid view. However, I am now finding rational people I have known for a long time  - both men and women -  who are long term indy and SNP supporters who are now voicing doubts and talking (recklessly IMO) about another independence party.

There is no doubt that the issue has become irredeemably toxic, with attacks on feminists like Joanna Cherry. To me it is no longer a question of whether or not the fears and emotions expressed on both sides of the debate are in any way reasonable, it is to do with whether this is a threat to the SNP and to our progress towards independence. I believe it is. 

So - rather than demanding Nicola's resignation and spouting unrealisable nonsense about a YES alliance party, why not see if we can influence the outcome just a little bit by using the consultation process and encouraging the party to go away and think about this a little more. The world is not going to come to an end if the existing transgender legislation remains in force for a couple more years.

Anything that threatens the SNP vote at next year's Holyrood elections is toxic right now, if we can quietly help to sidetrack this at least for a while then it can only be a good thing. It is not a hill any of us on either side of the debate should be prepared to die on, and if we are then we are not true indy supporters.

This may be of interest 

A friend asked me to compose a thread about my transition and why I am against the proposed new GRA law and self ID'ing. She said it may help others gain some kind of insight and hopefully they will take up arms to try and stop this ridiculous bill.



Also this 

Norwich Meeting’s Experience of Conflict around Transgender Issues January 2019 – January 2020



That was a really interesting and informative article from the Norwich Quakers.  Thank you for that

Thanks for the links, folks. Just wondering however if this issue can ever be resolved in everyone's best interests? I've read a great deal on the subject now but reckon I'll have to move on and just focus, much more than I have done, on countries that now have the GRA in place. How problematic, or not, has that been for them?


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.