A forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.

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Urgent - S30 People's Action Petition

Please sign petition and anyone who can post on Wings post it there for the 20% or so of posters who are actually genuine, retweet, throw paper aeroplanes with the link, shout it out, I'll post it on The National and hide it somewhere on the Herald when they come back to normal as they've been difficult all day:


and this is why, and it makes sense to get a load of signatures:


This is getting lost I think in the background noise of Salmond in court and Covid-19 but Keatings explains why it's needed. I'll be digging out my change dot org email addy to do this later on.

I posted this in Wednesday’s links but you make a good point about it being lost in all the other noise.  I will add it to each day’s links to chivvy people on.  I can’t see a closing date,  any suggestions when I should stop?


It looks like this week is critical as they want to take the signatures to the court of session which it looks like will happen end of this week. The second use is to send a copy to the UK and Scottish Parliament, not sure of its timetable.


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.