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The normalisation of deceit

I'd really like people to have a looooong hard look at the links being posted on this site. There's a theme, a pattern, common to most of the articles concerning our politics (and NO it's not just the fairly obvious one).

It's about the nature of the political class and society. What they've done to us and what they are quite happy to continue doing.

A small expansion on something I've said a few times before:- I’d say that what we’ve been witnessing for quite some time, is the normalisation of deceit. There is ALWAYS a bill to pay for deceit. It's where we are today and and it's also why we are here today.

That its use becomes acceptable as a strategy, not just for the political class, but to the public. That WE find it acceptable to dump on each other. That it’s okay to lie to each other. That it’s just peachy to manipulate, misrepresent, sow discord and mistrust, because that’s how you do business/politics/relationships apparently. Uh Huh! Just so long as my tribe wins something, then what's the harm? What possible fallout or collateral damage could there be? I mean... It is just how things are done. Right?

Except… there is. THERE. IS. ALWAYS. A. COST.

It begins with trust and works its way on up the food chain of worthy human traits from there. Care, empathy, mercy, selflessness, courage. You name it, they’ll all take a battering. When we can’t trust our administrators and representatives, our institutions, or each other. What is there left that’s worth having? The win? A win? ANY win?

What Westminster’s political practices, (both historic and current), should have taught us, is how NOT to conduct your politics. How NOT to administer for those in your care. How NOT to treat those who pay your damn wages.

The UK you see today? It's not exactly what was promised to Scotland's population by any stretch of the imagination really. Certainly not seeing a lot of the love, tolerance, respect or bettertogetherness we were promised. Pretty much the opposite if truth be told. A population, a society, fractured and sacrificed on the alter of political and corporate expediency.

So, yeah. I'd say there's been a cost to accepting the normalisation of deceit.

You're bang on the money Sam with all that you say. It grieves me at times, to see the way that it has become acceptable to lie, IE; Bawjaw and Cummings. But, there is never anyone picks them up on it, especially not the good old BBC, they, apparently, feel that it's not quite the done thing to point out that these people are telling quite blatant lies. Oh no, we'll just ignore it and pretend everything is tickety boo. Well it ain't, not by a long chalk. Take the FM's visit to Brussels, what visit to Brussels you might well, aye just so, but it doesn't really matter. Well aye it bloomin well does.

It's been obvious for quite some time all the ramping up of the lies and misinformation, or lying by omission . That's still a lie, but, hey, shrugs.

The only comfort that I can take from it is, that they are extremely scared of Scotland. If we decide to leave, they will be well and truly Donald Ducked, so batten down the hatches, cause incoming is going to increase greatly.

Thank goodness for Joanna Cherry, at least she seems to have some backbone. I think we need to support her efforts. My tuppenceworth Sam.

Yes indeed, but the problem with such normalisation is when "our own side" use deceit as a tool.  And a bigger problem is when those people don't even realise they are. Such as an article this morning.

It's not easy and often gets friendly fire, but we have to point it out even when it is our own side. Undecideds are watching.

Indeed yesndyref2.

@ Marie and Yesindyref2

Especially in those cases I'd say. It's often said that you get what you vote for. Worse yet... You sometimes get what you didn't vote for.


A cryptic post.  Care to say to which article you are referring ?

Indeed well said, lies and deception must remain owned in entirety by the opposite camp...

Great post Macart.

What we need is a Scottish "Mike". Hundreds of thousands of them.

Politics IS a dirty world and it's rapidly becoming a dirty word (Ranks right down there with mainstream journalist as a profession to trust). It can/does also bring out the worst in those who aspire to a political career..., but only because we allow/ed it to get this bad. It's human nature (shrugs).

What we all hope for is that those we vote to represent our populations do their deeds from a sense of public care and duty. That they temper their misdirection, omissions and fibbery. It's not a perfect world after all and people will be people. Our problem isn't just that people are aware of this current culture of uber fibbery in the political world. It's that many actively endorse it depending on their ideological world view.

We both knowingly and unknowingly allowed it to get this bad. At best we allowed others to mislead us into creating the political and societal carnage we see in the UK today. At worst we actively voted for it through generations. A majority came to accept the unacceptable.

What we see in the world of politics today is the 'big lie' run amok. The balance shifted from a tool used sparingly, to the go-to tool of  choice. Problem with that of course, is that people find it hard to believe in anything or anyone regardless of reason. Politics and the media have become saturated with fibbery to the point where society itself has become broken.

@Legerwood, yes, it's this one which misquoted Sturgeon to try to make the point:




Thank you.  Read the article just now.  Did not realise Mr Fox was still on the go. After reading that he may not be for much longer.


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