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That Dunkirk spirit

This is what we're up against


"Fully 72% of eligible voters are satisfied with Johnson’s performance as Prime Minister, with 25% dissatisfied"

"54% would choose Conservatives, up nine points from the December election "

"The 1,010 interviews were conducted Tuesday through Thursday, following Johnson’s televised address on Monday, but completed before Johnson himself revealed that he had tested positive for the virus. There is some evidence in our data to suggest that these figures were higher in the immediate aftermath of the pre-recorded broadcast, which was watched by around half of the adult population."

It's another reason we need to tread very carefully around this, and personally I don't think the constant "But the UK is ignoring WHO" helps. If what the UK is doing works and people survive, nobody will care apart from a few politicos.

Thing is Sturgeon pretty well endorses what BoJo does, while managing to slightly outdo him I think, which means a criticism of him is a criticism of her - something the more devious of the anti-Sturgeon mob would be delighted with. And Coco of course.

I'd like to see an opinion poll in Scotland, I suspect the Scottish Tories will be doing well, but also the SNP, And that popularity for Sturgeon might well be in positive figures now, rather than ahead of the pack at nett zero.

This comes from some observation of people who previously hated both BoJo - and Sturgeon. It's the British spirit in a crisis 😎 An instance of that is Churchill compared with Halifax who wanted to surrender to Hitler at the time of Dunkirk, along with Chamberlain who wisely changed his mind last minute.


Support for Indy is in the bag the way things are going, the last thing we need is for rats claws to rip the bag apart.

Interesting comment about similar in the US for Trump though:

""The important thing about a 'rally 'round the flag effect' is that it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the actions that are being taken by the government at that time," Robert Griffin, research director at Democracy Fund Voter Study Group, told The Hill.

"It has a lot more to do with the American publics response to a crisis. They want to give leaders a little bit of lee-way, they want to give them the benefit of the doubt, in a time when the country is in crisis," he added."


So it could be short-lived, specially if things go wrong.


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.