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Some Sunday links



Here’s the form for anyone wanting to go to the leader’s debate



According to this voter on Facebook, doorstep campaigners for @DavidMundellDCT are telling pensioners that they’ll lose their pension if Scotland votes for independence:




Boris visits Bolton     https://twitter.com/LabourLeft/status/1195819227296534533

Priti Patel blocks rescue of British Isis children. Home secretary objected to extraction of unaccompanied minors and orphans from north-east Syria.   http://archive.ph/V2cAx

Jennifer Arcuri: ‘I’ve kept Johnson’s secrets – now he’s cast me aside like a one-night stand’  http://archive.ph/WI2l0

What is the excuse for Prince Andrew's misogynistic nonsense served in a gilded chamber?   http://archive.ph/SQ7nA

Anyone at all surprised? UK government and military accused of war crimes cover-uphttp://archive.ph/95CLc


Stressed Whitehall staff at ‘breaking point’ over Brexit   http://archive.ph/ApmaH

Week in Review: Nothing these people say makes the least bit of sense   http://archive.ph/uDqO0

Revealed: ex-KGB agent did meet Boris Johnson at Italian party   http://archive.ph/12mEi




Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.