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Monday morning links


Nicola Sturgeon says if Scotland voted for independence in a second referendum, there would not need to be a confirmatory referendum on the terms of the departure deal. The First Minister added that Brexit and Scottish independence should not be equated  https://twitter.com/RidgeOnSunday/status/1190927659406102528

This week’s Full Scottish is presented by Kenny McBride and he will be joined by guests Linda Fabiani MSP and actor, Libby McArthur. As the General Election campaign is about to begin, the Metropolitan Police have submitted a report to the Crown Prosecution Service about alleged illegalities by Vote Leave in the Brexit campaign. It has also emerged that Boris Johnson has blocked a parliamentary report on Russian interference in UK voting. https://www.broadcastingscotland.scot/full-scottish-03-11-2019/





They have a plan - We must follow Norway’s lead and wring every last drop of oil from our waters. ‘WE’ as in England from waters that don’t belong to them!



The Illustrated Declaration of Arbroath is now available to pre-order online!


Excellent. Some scrutiny at last. I remember well a previous Jo Swinson election leaflet telling voters #indyref had caused more cancer deaths. She featured empty blue American hospital beds, and an American actress pretending to be a grieving Scottish nurse.

Link to video of  liar Swinson on Ridge here



Priceless television. Jo Swinson made to listen to all the things she voted for with the Tories.


1/6 The BBC is disputing Corbyn’s claim that the Tories have "slashed taxes for the richest". @BBCRealityCheck says it's “hard" to describe Tory changes as "taxes for the richest being slashed”. Really? This needs its own reality check. Bear with me.



Dominic Grieve says Intelligence Committee report on Russian interference in UK politics being blocked by Number Ten? Has the PM something to hide?


UN expert on torture sounds alarm again that Julian Assange’s life may be at risk



Tory candidate wrote people on Benefits Street should be 'put down'



Now we know from certain which individual is fibbing in the Telegraph It's...Boris Johnson's column



Brexit: the last hoorah?




A hard and grim piece of research into Britain's dark side @j4mi3p on how the Brexit party's Claire Fox and her comrades covered up the massacre of Bosnian Muslims and were embraced by the press and BBC after they had done it.


Ross lying till the very end   https://twitter.com/grahammcdougal/status/1191077746635689984



Fabian Zuleeg is  Chief Executive & Chief Economist, European Policy Centre


UK accountants gloomiest in a decade on Brexit and slow growthhttp://archive.md/wDEv8


Thanks for the links Hackalumpoff, some excellent reading there. Regards to Nana

Thank you Hackalumpoff.  I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.

That Channel 4 video made for uncomfortable viewing as scallop dredging is an important part of our local economy.

The article from the Berlin Policy Journal should be compulsory reading although I was disappointed that he was so noncommittal on Scotland joining the EU after independence. 

There's always room for information that can educate so thanks once again for the links.

Was good to say hello again on Saturday, shame I had to leave earlyish but they'll be another time for a beer and a chat I'm certain of that 🙂


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.