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Links Wednesday 25 March 2020

Salmond is innocent, these are the questions we must now ask



Alex Salmond showed me compelling evidence that accusations were a political set up, says ex-SNP chief Jim Sillars



Statement on Salmond Verdict



Alex Salmond case stokes tensions for Scotland’s nationalists



Coronavirus infection and pregnancy



Prof Leitch is a committed Christian and urged people to seek solace and strength in their faith.  He said they should come together and worship God online.



Holyrood magazine



Lessons for Scotland from the EU’s Enlargement to Central and Eastern Europe



Scottish Government



Information on essential services.  Keep swiping through



Coronavirus (COVID-19): Constituency support – updated 24 March 2020



Police Scotland coronavirus scams warning as door-to-door crooks target elderly and vulnerable



As the UK Government have apparently declined this help to fight #COVID19, any chance Scotland could have their share?



The lockdown



someone trying to apply for universal credit



Talking up Scotland



Pick your own



Warning raised over Coronavirus bill impact on elderly and disabled



Trump on why he picked Easter as the day he wants to end strict social distancing and reopen American businesses: "Easter is a very special day for me ... Easter Sunday, and you'll have packed churches all over our country.


Great selection of links today! Many thanks for your efforts. Now that we are all housebound, educational reading such as this becomes increasingly he'd to keep our sense of isolation at bay. Never doubt that your links are well appreciated.

Always appreciated Ann B. 🙂

A fair choice to go through, but with all this free time that's been dropped in our laps...

Thanks for the links Ann.

You read so much about Alex and Nicola not getting on, but does anyone actually have any evidence to that effect?

To my mind this statement from her sums it up. She told the Scottish parliament in January 2019: “It seems to me that I am being simultaneously accused of being involved in a conspiracy against Alex Salmond, and also of colluding with Alex Salmond. Nothing could be further from the truth in both of those — neither of those things are true.”

It's my self-isolation birthday today. Spending it dreaming of freedom. Freedom for my country and freedom for myself to get out and about again, travel extensively and get the half-decent meal that my husband and family promised me, lol.

Hope this finds you all well XX


Aw, Happy Birthday Petra.  I was going to put up the Happy Birthday song but it has other connotations now, so have this song from my home town instead 


Thanks for the happy birthday wishes Ann X


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.