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Links Wednesday 16 September 2020

First Minister NicolaSturgeonholds a press conference



Scottish Government




Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints September 15, 2020



Interesting to see the SNP's Westminster leader Ian Blackford had a conference call on Brexit implications with ambassadorial representatives from Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, & others. (Dutch ambassador tweeted picture of the Zoom call!



Dutch Ambassador’s tweet

Useful virtual meeting of EUdelegationUKand other EU member states with ianblackford_MPof Scottish National Party #SNPon his assessment of current state of play in EU-UK Brexit negotiations and its implications.



We have had a response to our correspondence to the Advocate General (Counsel for UK Government)  - They have refused to amend their submissions and instead, have chosen to waste taxpayers money and the courts time arguing a defunct position. (Our Letter Below)



This ridiculous idea, which I also heard from MPs in HoC today, of registering someone tested in England as LIVING in Aberdeen, will completely undermine data and make #ContactTracing& managing #COVID19outbreaks a nightmare!



Apologies to PeterArnottGlasfor a small expansion of his premise, but he was pretty much bang-on here in 2014:



Alec Ross. Who speaks for Scotland?



Scotland goes Pop

Let's get behind Shetland Council's audacious bid to BREAK UP THE UNITED KINGDOM


BBC:Public Service Broadcaster??



THE BBC is set to show all of the Scottish Government’s COVID briefings this week, fuelling speculation that they’re about to U-turn on their plan to ditch the regular live broadcast.



If, as is being reported, BBC Scotland is going to U-turn on the decision not to broadcast all daily briefings from the FM then there will be payback. Seriously, look out for ridiculous stories morphing into SNPBad headlines and a smear story emerging this Sunday



Our new Believe in Scotland Facebook Group: Please join to discuss what tactics, messages and styles the independence movement should adopt and how we can help undecided voters see the light



Poxy Brexit passport



Talking to lwoodsey& TommyBowethis morning on IrelandAMVMTV

about Scotland’s amazing #BabyBoxthat will now be rolled out here in Ireland under this Govt



Holyrood magazine



With its sleekit evisceration of devolved powers & wholesale disregard for the #RuleOfLawthe #InternalMarketBillwon’t protect the union as

@BorisJohnsonclaims, instead, it will be the final nail in its coffin. My speech from 2nd reading



This is Tory MP Alun Cairns explaining that the UK Government wants to take away powers from Scotland and Wales because the governments there disagree with the UK government



Michael Dougan. I’ve been asked for another step-by-step explanation of what’s just happened in Westminster. So voila: an update on Johnson’s plans to destabilise Ireland and isolate the UK…



Shock and outrage as parliament votes to put government above the law



Brexit: What just happened and what comes next, explained



Boris Johnson met potential rebel leader Bob Neil and some of his supporters before last night’s Commons vote, raising hopes of a deal in the wake of the government’s warning that it is prepared to break international law on the Brexit withdrawal agreement. thread



Boris JohnsonAND THE Politics of Perfidy

Boris Johnson and the Politics of Perfidy


Advice for Boris Johnson: don’t take the EU on in Lawfare



Rule of law under attack, says Law Society



Reuters Exclusive: The EU is set to delay a decision on allowing City of London clearing houses to continue clearing euro transactions for EU-based clients due to concern over Britain's plan to breach its Brexit divorce settlement, a derivatives industry source said.



Four senior congressmen write to Boris Johnson to reiterate there will be no US-UK trade deal if the legislation to override the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement isn’t pulled



The perfect storm



Government claims it’s ready for 7,000-lorry queues in Kent after Brexit



For those who are new to negotiating with the UK, in Ireland we have something called the “Treaty Stone”, in Limerick city to be precise.

It’s to commemorate the deal the British didn’t stick to.



Barbados moves to become a Republic and remove UK Queen





It just goes on and on Ann with you taking the time to inform us all with your fabulous links. I can't thank you enough for doing so. I just loved watching the video of  Dame Sandra Mason, Barbados, throwing off the Colonial shackles. Won't be too long before that's us too 😀.


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.