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Links Wednesday 11 March 2020

Scottish Government



We have the first draft of the summons from legal counsel on the people's action to establish whether it is competent for the Scottish Parliament to legislate on a second referendum without the consent of the UK Parliament or the UK Government.



We are in close contact with policescotlandre #coronavirusand implications for the marches- at present and as foreseeable they are not being requested to be called off, but we will keep you informed all the way. Know this - we intend to March- the Union is a health threat.



appointing someone to advise you on the union just weeks after they lost their seat in an election in which their sole campaign message was to save the union, strikes me as... odd.



Scotland leading the fight against climate crisis



When’s a bridge not a bridge? When it’s a tunnel, apparently…



The political plague



Talking up Scotland



Mineral Products Association: Red diesel could cost our industry £100 million for no environmental benefit



The Alex Salmond Trial: Your Man Excluded From the Gallery



Brexit – GMO Foods back on the table



Northern Irish MPs shut out from Johnson’s Brexit committee



The truth about the north-south divide and ‘levelling-up’



Hard Elecxit: will Brexit increase the cost of electricity?



Great announcement supporting jobs in Scotland for film and TV with new studio for Scotland based in Bath St Leith - open for business and the exciting projects keen to shoot in Scotland



Brexit could delay UK access to a coronavirus vaccine 



Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales rank amongst the lowest countries in the developed world for the number of intensive care beds (ICU beds not number of hospital beds)



A thought piece on Coronavirus from our CEO Donald Macaskill



Commission tries to coordinate response to COVID-19 virus across



How to prevent dry skin from constant hand-washing



To prevent the risk of #Coronavirusoutbreak, passengers at the Kigali Bus Park have to wash their hands before getting onto buses.



How the UK press is misinforming the public about Britain’s role in the world



Andy Wightman's defence in the defamation case brought against him is successful


The Fiona Hyslop Twitter about Scottish film industry is great news.  However they need all the side businesses that go with it and make the films work!

My son is a vfx artist.  He works on Netflix tv programmes atm.  He works in London.  He lives on the outskirts of London.  His wife works in the same industry as a Animator.   Practically all the uk vfx/animation studios for film and tv are in London.   It is a BIG money making business.   This is not available in Scotland.  And imo if scotland wants to attract film and tv, it would do well to have these studios in an independent Scotland too.  

So pleased about Andy Wightman.  Here is the statement he has released 



Thanks for the links Ann. I'll add another. It looks as though Craig Murray has been offered a job to enable him to cover the AS case.



Grousebeater continues to follow the Alex Salmond case and we seem to be getting more information from his site than from elsewhere.




I don't know who's lying or not, who's the victim/s or not, and of course can't get into that for legal reasons. Time will hopefully tell, but what I find strange about all of this is that AS grew up in Linlithgow and attended Linlithgow Academy, the Edinburgh College of Commerce, St Andrew's University and then worked for the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, the Royal Bank of Scotland and latterly had been a politician for around 40 years sitting in Holyrood and Westminster and of course meeting many women worldwide and yet no one had ever complained about him: Other than Anna Soubry that is when the MSM went dokey because he said (to her), ''Behave yourself, woman'.

Now in the lead up to Indyref1 just about every MSM outlet was constantly coming up with novel ideas as to how to demonise the man. Their focus was on digging dirt on him but the best that they could come up with was that he was a ''slick snake oil salesman.'' He was seen to be a threat to the Union and detested by no doubt thousands of their followers in Scotland, who wouldn't have been in the position of him being their boss and feeling powerless, and yet no one came forward even then.

Just saying.

Some good news (other than the fact that she left Scotland).

‘Scottish scientist ‘very excited’ about coronavirus vaccine plans.’

.. 'A Scottish scientist who is in charge of a US team who are developing a coronavirus vaccine has said a jab could be ready for human testing next month. Dr Kate Broderick (senior vice president at Inovio Pharmaceuticals in the United States) originally from Dunfermline, heads up a team of scientists in the US aiming to fast-track a Covid-19 vaccine. The 42-year-old stressed developing a vaccine was still a “long process” but she said she was “very excited” by the results so far.’..

.. Dr Broderick said: “In my own career, the fastest we had ever achieved a vaccine development from receiving the virus sequence to putting it into a patient in clinical testing was for Zika. We did that in seven months and at that time we felt that was an amazing accomplishment.”..




Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.