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Links Wednesday 1 April 2020

First Minister NicolaSturgeonholds a press conference on coronavirus 31/3/20



Read more about the Emergency Bill and its proposals ahead of tomorrow’s emergency legislation meeting in the Chamber



Scottish Criminal Bar Association describes the proposals as an attack on key principles at the foundation of the right to a fair trial.



The right to a jury trial & the rule against hearsay with only the strictest exceptions are cornerstones  of our criminal law. They should be guarded jealously & I am sure MSP colleagues will want to consider these proposals very, very carefully



@FOIScotlandwarned scotgovlast week it was the only country to justify changing #FOIduties due to #coronavirus. Scotland setting global precedent when it is "critical to recognise the legitimate need to hold public authorities to account in such unprecedented times"



The scotgovPACE initiative has enhanced its support service for people who are made redundant as a result of the coronavirus (#COVID-19) pandemic.



Whitehall is now controlling all the UK tests, NHS Scotland has to beg London for tests and then justify for whom to test via London



@michaelgovesaid just now that the difficulty in increasing number of #COVID19  tests was due to a shortage of the relevant "chemcial reagents". Well I've just talked to the Chemical Industries Association, which represents the UK's very substantial chemicals industry. It has contacted its members, and they've said there is no shortage of the relevant reagents



Scottish Government



Prof jasonleitch on how to stay safe and still help those who are more vulnerable. Check out his top tips on safely delivering shopping to others



Scotland goes Pop

The time has come to accept Alex Salmond's innocence, and to welcome him back into the SNP fold


Scotland goes Pop

It looks like the Dr Strangelove-style "herd immunity" plan of Whitty and Vallance may need to be defeated for a second time


Talking up Scotland



Getting a grip



Daily Record Investigates My Home and Finances



This explains how the death statistic are correlated 

Counting deaths involving the coronavirus



Today parliamentarians, academics and anti-disinformation campaigners from around the world join forces to launch Infotagion, an independent, expert fact-checking service for Coronavirus




Spain Urged To Lock Down Completely


Brexit & coronavirus: This is no time for ideology






Criminals and merchants flock to coronavirus website names



Population estimates



Boris Johnson Needs to Learn From Andrew Cuomo



Test kits.  Two points

1.   CH4 news on Monday night had an item about an order that the Welsh Gov had given to Roche to supply test kits so that they could ramp up testing of NHS staff. It seemed that the UK Gov had blocked the order.  They returned to the story last night and admitted that the story had got even murkier.  Here is a link to one of the reports:


2.. Shortage of chemical reagents.  PCR tests use micro-litres volumes of reagents.  For those not of a scientific bent that is teeny, teeny volumes.  Yes there is more testing worldwide so the total volumes used will have increased hugely but not to the extent that there should be a shortage.  The polymerase enzyme might be a limiting factor but given the extent to which labs, both research and hospital, use PCR techniques it should not be a factor in this inordinate delay in rolling out testing.

Is the UK Gov trying for its 'herd immunity' strategy by stealth?

Thank you for the links Ann.

Test kits - a wee bit more - and yes I know I am being a geek but you don't need to read this but I need to get it off my chest.

The Covid-19 virus is an RNA virus that is its genetic material is RNA not DNA.  Therefore the PCR method must first convert the viral RNA into a strand of complementary DNA using Reverse transcriptase.  Thereafter it is a straightforward PCR.   Details and diagrams here.


Thanks for the links Ann. I reposted them on WGD's but forgot to leave a reply on here. I read them every day however quite often slope off to follow up on something I've read here and forget to come back, lol.

Disgusting carry on with Scotland, Wales and NIreland being stymied by Westminster in trying to save lives. You wonder if they're annoyed about their NHS being shown up as being totally inadequate due to their prior ideological austerity measures / privatisation?

I'm also sick and tired of hearing the BBC announcing "UK" coronavirus figures. Trying to cover up how bad it is in England, no doubt. Today's announcement ... 563 poor souls gone in 24 hours.  1000 a day by the weekend. And then what? How many gone per day by next week? People, including Tory MP's, are speaking out now and castigating Boris et al for wasting weeks and not carrying out testing earlier and following up on contacts. If this had been done initially it wouldn't be the practically impossible job (contacts) that it surely would be now. Suffice to say that cabal at Westminster should be getting charged with mass murder.

Thanks for your links Legerwood. You should post your links on WGD's, especially the Ch 4. Let as many people know what that crowd are getting up to. Gggrrrr!

Mmmhh! Annoying. Can't hear a word that they're saying on the Ch4 link.

Sorry, Petra.  I did not check if it was audible. They have made changes to the web site and I had trouble capturing the link.

This from the National confirms that Westminster taking control


The control may also extend to imposing a testing strategy on Scotland, and Wales, that is at odds with what they are currently doing, particularly Scotland, and what they want to do.


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