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Links Tuesday 4 February 2020

Scottish Government



Scotland goes Pop

Scot Goes Pop / Panelbase poll on independence: Yes vote surges to 52% - the highest figure for three-and-a-half years.  And pro-indy parties are on course to take 57% of the seats at Holyrood 2021.


Keep a light on



Richard Murphy

Is Whitehall right to be afraid of Scotland?


The quick-quiz on Scotland’s economy that shocked independence supporters and unionists alike



Plans to devolve tribunals delayed for at least two years



Talking up Scotland



Byline Times

Editorial: The Battle of Brexit May be Lost, but the Cultural and Constitutional War Goes On


Boris Johnson criticises 'protectionists' in the Trump administration for 'letting the air out of the tyres of the world economy

Boris Johnson criticises 'protectionists' in the Trump administration for 'letting the air out of the tyres of the world economy'


The Top Ten Independent News Sources In The UK – 2020



The Penny Drops: Brexit reality for fishing industry hits Grimsby



Don’t fall for Boris Johnson’s new no-deal Brexit trick



PM denies banning word 'Brexit' - but says it's over so word is not needed



Claire O'Neill - “My advice to anybody to whom Boris Johnson is making promises... get it in writing, get a lawyer to look at it & make sure the money is in the bank”



The government are now calling a WTO no deal an Australian deal as it sounds better... Australia doesn't have a trade deal with the #EU



Lies, blame, rewriting history: Welcome to day one of Brexit talks



What would it take for Scotland to rejoin the EU as an independent state?



Former European colony declares independence



The Malign Incompetence of the British Ruling Class



China uses talking drones to scold citizens amid coronavirus lockdown



There’s a fundamental error in this article. If Scotland joins EFTA/EEA but England eschews regulatory alignment there will still be regulatory checks at the border with England & also customs checks unless we are in a CU with England

Thread and archived article  https://twitter.com/joannaccherry/status/1224612604112515072


and a few more whilst I'm here

Sunny uplands!


Brexit job loss index  Scotland (the region according to this publication)  30,223



1/ The Commission has just published the proposed negotiation mandate for the future EU/UK relationship: https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/info/files/communication-annex-negotiating-directives.pdf … First thoughts, as I read through it...



Controversial list of sexualities could be dropped from Scottish Census   http://archive.ph/u4CpN

Scotland has a lot more than just oil & whisky



Boris Johnson doesn’t get climate change, says sacked COP 26 chair  http://archive.ph/Z87i0




and some more 🙂

A take on the FM’s speech last week







The Nandy woman is bonkers   https://twitter.com/Amalkadog/status/1224654172684980224

More job losses   Ikea announces first big UK store closure  http://archive.ph/DLUbv






Clown not answering awkward climate questions





Have archived this as it’s a Britnat’s view


@nana Thank you for these and especially for the Guardian article which contained the link to “the letter “ that I have been itching to read but hadn’t been able to find.  She certainly didn’t pull her punches.   Thank you for using your magic to find it.


I hope you are both well and that Hackalumpoff is now fully recovered.


Hi AnnB

We are both fine, busy doing other things but I have a few days off so thought I'd catch up before I forget how to do this linking thing 🙂

Not sure if I've reposted  anything you have already linked to but it's all good as some folks might not have read before.

Anhow here's a few more

Regulating regulation now that we have left the EU   EARLY SIGNS suggest that the EU is hoping to play hardball in negotiations over regulation; its negotiators are clearly hell-bent on restricting competition from us.  We have to hope the UK will seize the opportunity to escape the continental model and re-think how regulation is done.   There are important lessons for Scotland here.http://archive.ph/CmZag


Use translate function







Downing St attempted media control. This is from the invitation to today’s PM event: « Please be advised that there will be no question and answer session for the media...However, you are of course encouraged to report on the speeches and content of the event itself. »




FM’s response to clown Boris  https://twitter.com/NicolaSturgeon/status/1224662017413406720




Scottish independence survey 'shows Brexit has put union at risk'



FGS! Don’t mention certain things!



Taking back control





Fintan O'Toole discusses The Politics of Pain at Politics and Prose.


Oh my goodness, folks. Over 40 links on here today. Brilliant.

Richard Murphy says




Spanish Labour politician shown absolute support for the Scottish cause when he was speking about Brexit on "The Ana Rosa Show". Also, the presenter said that the SNP made clear the point of having a referendum legitimate and legal



Blunder after blunder





The fabled Precious union







Brexit will have soon cost the UK more than all its payments to the EU over the past 47 years put together  http://archive.ph/rR81q






Murray Foote is SNP's head of press



Think I've got the hang of it now, lol 🙂

It'll take me hours to get through this lot (smiley face). 

I don't know what to make of this Murray Foote appointment?! I always held the Daily Rag as being practically 100% responsible for us losing Indyref1 and ..... now? What we do know is that the BritNats on other so-called independence sites will make a meal of it. On the otherhand maybe he'll use his many "talents" to good effect. Time will tell.


As my hubby says he is an attack dog and knows how to get the message across. We saw that for ourselves in 2014. 

I am at the stage where I welcome all to indy, no matter their previous stance. Let us work together.


See what this person has to say

Think about this wee point. Murray knows an awfy lot more than he's ever said. I was at a meeting in East REN where he spoke about the lead up to the vow and how he now feels he was a dupe. I've no doubt that he's really upset about that. Payback time?



I put up a post about the Murray Foote appointment on the Blether thread, should probably have checked here first before posting old news LOL



Here’s Tom Gordon of the Herald looking to see how yessers react to Foote’s new job.


FM acts like an adult 



 Joanna says

Today I quizzed the UK Govt on #PressFreedom.  See video



Respect agenda Tory style!



That's a good article by Dean Woodhouse, a 500 mile walker, but it misses one point. He says "Unsurprisingly, this event did nothing for the Yes movement, and to be honest the SNP should probably apologise for doing this." but no, they shouldn't. The noisier the better, and if that world press saw the movement upset because it didn't lay out really strong next steps, so much the better. It shows the passion for Independence. As it is it filled the headlines in the Scottish (online) media and pushed Boris and his Brexit right down the page. And as Sturgeon said months, years ago, the pressure for Indy Ref 2 will come from the People of Scotland. Well, we might be Indy supporters but we too are the People of Scotland. And the likes of Peter A Bell, Craig Murray (and me) were totally predictable in our response, what might have been a little surprise to them was the reaction of SGP and even WGD.

Good, a bit of dissent in the Indy movement. We're going to need more headlines ...


Look what is trending in the UK today!



Scottish mps votes not counted on NHS bill yet the bill has Barnett consequentials



video here




Well it's taken me all day dipping in and out of this site to read through every article. I know that I've said this before but if every Scot had access to the information to be found on here, on a daily basis for one week, we would be independent in a heart beat. This site in other words, with the links, is second to none. 

I've always loathed most BritNat politicians but tonight, following reading these links, I find myself detesting them to the point that I'm going to redouble my efforts to help win this David and Goliath battle. Where I'll find the time to do so however is open to question, lol, as I'm already working, between one thing and another, 20 hours a day.

There's too many issues to cover on here now but Hackalumpoff's view of the Murray Foote appointment resonates with me and yes we have to welcome everyone on board no matter their prior stance. What I'm really waiting on is the J K Rowling conversion!

Anyway thanks a million gals, Ann and Nana, for all your hard work: Leading to enabling us to educate and enlighten others.


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.