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Links Tuesday 4 August 2020

First Minister NicolaSturgeonholds a press conference 3/8/20



Scottish Government



Keeping Both Faith And Heid



Coup d’état in progress



Leaked message shows senior Tory MSP saying she will resign unless Douglas Ross reforms the party  Michelle Ballantyne said she agreed to back Ross as leader on the understanding the Scottish Tories will be "Boris backing" and "Brexit positive"



The road to independence: How Covid and Brexit pushed Scotland from the Union



Watch this video from our Chair PeteWishartasking for your ideas about what the Committee should be looking at over the course of this Parliament.



Say goodbye to legal right to challenge UK govt. A Panel to examine the power of judicial reviews has been appointed. This is the govt's revenge for losing its battle over proroguing of parliament. A large majority in parliament ushering in dictatorship.



Please do share the tweet below with as many folk as you can, because it is now an all too common problem and people you know may be struggling in silence, with that harming their wellbeing - however, the good news is that help is available for them



UK virologists criticise handling of Covid testing contracts



One of the things I do for a living is design governance models. I'm very good at it. People pay me lots of money to do it. What truly annoys me about this government is how many utterly basic errors they've made on lockdown rules, as they're terrified of responsibility.  thread



DUP’s Brexit ads: Who bankrolled the secretive £435,000 campaign?






Janey Godley. Good luck with the Scottish tories Filling that vacuum - and stop CROWDING INTO PUBS use self responsibility or we’re back to square one, let’s get on our emotional life jackets and look after each other


Thanks for the links Ann. I checked out all of your posts today, as usual, and see that there's an ''interesting'' interview between Becky Want / Matt Hancock on BBC Manchester radio. It highlights the absolute buffoonery of Westminster (another wee example!). On the following link.



I'll leave this one here too. Where on earth do they get these people from? People that are calling the shots for this planet overall. Scary or what?



Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.