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Links Tuesday 15 September 2020

First Minister NicolaSturgeonholds a press conference 14/9/20



Scottish Government




Health Secretary JeaneF1MSPhas confirmed to the ScotParlthat NHS Scotland will remain on an emergency footing until at least 31 March 2021.



Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you can and cannot do



Alistair Carmichael. The UK Internal Market Bill strikes at the future constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom as a unitary state.



If Good Morning Scotland is going to promote political stories from 'Us For Them Scotland' spokeperson Jo Bisset that attack the FM then it should make clear Bisset is currently raising funds to pay for a PR firm to promote her political agenda which includes opposing face masks



Under the spotlight: the civil service in the Scottish devolved system



After the failed toppling of Labour's Scotland branch leader, Richard Leonard, KennyMcBride77from the Full Scottish on broadcastscot

asks Dr_PhilippaWwhether she thinks there is anything the Labour Party can do to change their fortunes in Scotland. She doesn't hold back!



Hey folks, anyone got a spare massive warehouse in Scotland for October and November, equipped with PCs, and a volunteer taskforce willing to sign Confidentiality Agreements, receive full training, then process National Covenant signatures?



Paisley Herald and Renfrewshire Advertiser 1864



Interesting snippet from Daily Mail archive from Tue 18th of February 1908. Kilmarnock Sheriff Court, a motorist charged with speeding wanted to instruct an English solicitor.  Sheriff refused. Said Scotland and England are, in relationship to each other, foreign countries.



This is clever



Barrhead Boy. SNP ISP & Me.



A useless bit of rubbish passed off as an heirloom



Nicola Sturgeon’s reactionto the Tories’ Internal Market Bill is instructive:



Holyrood magazine



Boris Johnson's Rule Of 6 has a controversial exemption - for grouse shooting and similar field sports. Upto 30 people can gather to hunt with guns cos classed as a licensed outdoor sport.



Michael Dougan. Johnson’s UK Internal Market Bill is crucial not just because of proposals to break international law on Irish border. Also for its impact on devolution & governance of entire UK. So: another step-by-step guide to key issues arising from Johnson's plans.



Richard Murphy

The UK Internal Markets Bill effectively ends many devolved powers within the UK. This Bill is an international affront externally and within the UK


Labour’s Ed Miliband tells Prime Minister Boris Johnson "it's time to take responsibility" over Brexit deal



Watch Johnston’s face


Ed Milliband. How can you debate with a man not remotely on top of his brief? ‘He didn't read the protocol, he hasn't read the bill, he doesn't know his stance.’



Joanna Cherry



The Unravelling of The British Empire: #Brexit & Beyond



The Added-Value of the Ireland-Wales Cooperation Programme



Here is MarosSefcovics letter to michaelgovesent on Friday and circulated to member states this morning.  Sets out Commission’s initial response and the three week deadline for the Internal Mkt Bill to be changed



Too many MPs & pundits don’t realise that No Deal is NOT the end. It’s just the start of the next stage. UK will still need to do deals w/ EU on goods, services, medicines, data, security, research/educ, qualific’s etc. UK will have to compromise, and from an even weaker position



David Allen Green. Two current legal/constitutional events - formally unconnected - go to why there are serious problems about the UK state



If MPs cannot be relied upon to protect the UK’s international reputation, can the Lords?



For the Tories, breaking the law is just a sign of strength



Sovereignty cuts both ways, Downing Street has forgotten that



Richard Murphy

The UK / Japan trade deal makes state subsidy commitments that have to be honoured and may be more onerous than those the EU wants. So why is the UK planning to break the law on this issue if it isn’t deliberate and pointless provocation?


How the Pandemic Revealed Britain’s National Illness



English Brexiteer doesn’t understand Scotland   Video



Caught breaking the law? Here are the latest Tory-sanctioned excuses you can use:



Very interesting hypothesis

COVID-19 in Africa: Milder-than-expected pandemic has experts puzzled



The Week in Tory



Janey Godley. “I’ve included a clip of Bargain Hunt in case anyone is missing it, we now have masks indoor cafes when you’re walking about”


Thanks for the links Ann. I see that the rich think that they can do what they like, once again, in Scotland (grouse shooting), but not for much longer 😎.


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.