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Links Tuesday 10th December 2019



The company planning to build a £120m factory for making alloy car wheels in Fort William tells me on #bbcgms it needs “clarity” from car-makers before going ahead with the plan, amid ongoing #Brexit uncertainty.


As the General Election nears, let's take a closer look at ScotTories candidate for Moray - Douglas Ross


To all those saying "the Tories wouldn't privatise the NHS! Why would they want to?":   https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1202663163021447168.html

I’m tired, I’m fed up, I didn’t want this election, but since we’re having it, I’m not going to let the polls make me give up on my country.


Human rights abusers to face EU blacklists.  https://euobserver.com/foreign/146865

[Thread]1/ This one is about the fake news claiming that a sick boy on the floor of a hospital in leeds was staged by his mother. We know the story is real, Dr Yvette Oade, chief medical officer at Leeds even apologised


UK economy flat-lines, hit by Brexit and global slowdown, as election nears.  http://archive.ph/QuQew

In England Thousands of patients die waiting for beds in hospitals – study.   http://archive.ph/U4cQE



had the chance to respond to Boris Johnson's claims about no checks GB-NI this evening on @bbcnewsline. If the PM believes this he has to prove it & explain it because our reading & that of trade experts is that there will be complexity, checks & costs we can ill afford.



FM says  https://twitter.com/GMB/status/1203942765014462464

Produced with facts and figures publics by the Scottish Parliament, this short video tells the story of the Scottish National Party, and its accomplishments over the years to support the people of Scotland and Scotland's future.



NHS Grampian hailed after ‘positive figures’   http://archive.ph/MTLT4



Nicola Sturgeon: Treatment of Scotland justifies indyref2   http://archive.ph/COm97



Adams is a demented harpy.  https://twitter.com/MSM_Monitor/status/1204034173159321600

Close Scottish grouse moors to help climate, report urges.  http://archive.ph/rFV7N


Article in the courier  MIKE DONACHIE: ‘Don’t vote Conservative – bring this government down’  http://archive.ph/lXxIi

Dunblane father: Boris Johnson is 'totally unsuitable' to be Prime Minister.  http://archive.ph/f5dP6

The Future of the Union   https://www.centreonconstitutionalchange.ac.uk/news-and-opinion/future-union



Two days ago we warned that BBC Scotland would throw everything it had at the SNP in these final days. They really aren't trying to hide their corruption now. The intro to this item is almost panto-like. There's nothing subtle about this. It's propaganda.




England’s NHS. How horrible this is.  https://twitter.com/NHSMillion/status/1203774678835367936

Tory MP ripped to shreds for NHS lies.  https://twitter.com/ToryFibs/status/1204035229759000576

‘Get Brexit done’ is this election’s biggest lie.  http://archive.ph/4fIrK

Use translate function


BBC TORY COLLUSION.  https://twitter.com/IamalrightJack/status/1203797445068623872

Thread    https://twitter.com/BBCkatyaadler/status/1203975926838710272

Campaigners threaten UK parties with legal action over data processing.   http://archive.ph/NqZ0S

The BBC have reported that 100 Labour Activists were ferried in a taxi to this very scene and this very moment & punched a Tory Staffer in the face. Here is the video footage so you can judge how accurate the BBC report was.



She doesn’t feel shame.  https://zelo-street.blogspot.com/2019/12/the-shame-of-laura-kuenssberg.html


Conservatives plan January Brexit, February budget if they win election.   http://archive.ph/KKdQM


If you wanted a perfect summation of how vacuous Tory propaganda is a callous display of sheer contempt towards anyone with a brain, just take a look at this gentleman attempting to get through to Tory droid #231 Nigel Evans only to be completely ignored.


NHS England 'covering up' true scale of 12 hour hospital waitS  http://archive.ph/GiCcK



Oh dear, I’m sure another brown envelope will change her mind...


Tried to show @BorisJohnson the picture of Jack Williment-Barr. The 4-year-old with suspected pneumonia forced to lie on a pile of coats on the floor of a Leeds hospital. The PM grabbed my phone and put it in his pocket:




He thinks that because British Sikhs 'look foreign' he has to talk to them slowly, with a silly accent, using silly words (clinky clinky) like colonial times.








By jings Hacka, that was a lot of reading on this very wet and wild morning, three cuppas to get there. Thank you and Nana for all the links that you provide.

I must admit, I am absolutely dreading Friday 13th this year. I'm certainly not supersticious, but, very afraid of what England has voted for, for, it is indeed that we will get. Brexit will be done by 31st January, aye well, he might tell us that, but it ain't true, is it.Ah well, que sera, sera, as they say.

Onywho, it's still chuckin it doon, so I better away and find something else to do.

From France24

Scotland’s Stirling caught between unionist Brexiteers and pro-independence Europhiles


Surely a number one for the Classic FM chart?


(I like the comment at the end:

“Johnson’s only recourse may be to follow David Graeber’s advice for a new Tory slogan designed to appeal to the youth vote:

Vote for Boris. He may be your father’.”)


And finally two from Richard Murphy.  The comments are worth reading

Denial, lies and fascism: the Tory election campaign

When will the Tories launch their new free to air state propaganda service?


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