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Links Thursday 5th December 2019



Report: Over £1.4 billion spent by Scottish Government on support for low-income households   http://archive.ph/XUpaD

The Lib Dem candidate who stood against Ian Blackford for Ross, Skye and Lochaber at the last election has backed the SNP on 12th December.


This story should raise a few eyebrows.   https://twitter.com/rosscolquhoun/status/1202310578376790016

NicolaSturgeon tells @Peston that even if the U.K. voted to remain in a second EU referendum - Scotland still deserves another vote on independence.


Audience horrified as Tory candidate @LukeGrahamOSP defends Boris Johnson's misogyny, racism, and homophobia at last night's equality hustings in Alloa.    https://twitter.com/MrJohnNicolson/status/1202292054094753792


BREAKING: Senior sources at Conservative party HQ have leaked details of approaches made LAST WEEK by representatives of the Lib Dem leadership who contacted them to discuss a potential coalition in the event of a hung parliament.


He may be a clown, but the threat Boris Johnson poses is deadly serious   http://archive.ph/5tZQK


Britain must respect EU rules to get trade deal, says Luxembourg  http://archive.ph/psOkE

Brexit: nothing to see here …


This youth worker asked Jo Swinson some pretty simple questions about cuts to youth services when she came to visit his centre. Not only could she not answer them - but the Lib Dems press person then tried to remove him from the room.






FM says https://twitter.com/HeartScotNews/status/1202210895981633538




Keep sharing folks, every share helps to reach potential voters.   https://twitter.com/rosscolquhoun/status/1202233906138959872



SCOTTISH BORDERS: SNP’s Amanda Burgauer: Brexit will be ‘incredibly damaging’ for rural Scotland  http://archive.ph/BhdBN


That bastion of truth The IFS, about as truthful as Johnson https://twitter.com/Pthalothistle/status/1202259060403376128

Let’s have a wee reminder https://www.businessforscotland.com/where-does-scotlands-wealth-go/


Orkney scheme for turning oil rigs into hydrogen producers seeks supporters   http://archive.ph/qQedb



Sky Views: Boris Johnson is using Brexit to get voters to sign a blank cheque   http://archive.ph/pwf3n

Use translate function / French media reports

"A shocking level of inequality in the UK". It is with these terms that an association qualifies the social situation of the country.



Making war for oil.   https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1201905571324149760

Nato leaders slagging off Trump while Princess Anne laps it up – not giving a single shit – is also the mood we need to take into today


UK PM Boris Johnson is asked about a video apparently showing him chatting about the US president with Canada's Justin Trudeau and other leaders.   https://twitter.com/BBCPolitics/status/1202231019052523521

EXPOSED: The Secret Elite Group Worth £50 Billion Funding the Tory Party | Peter Geoghegan





Leading UK commercial property fund suspended  http://archive.ph/as7FN




Between GMK's article on where our wealth goes and the French one on UK wealth inequality, I am reminded of Aneurin Bevan's statement that the Tories were "lower than vermin". At the time, my parents were working class Tories in 50s Scotland, who believed that Harold Macmillan and Iain Macleod were honourable men who should be looked up to, and were deeply shocked by this remark. All I would say to that is that these nice, rich Tories didn't seem to want to grind the faces of the poor completely into the dirt while they enjoyed a life of wealth and privilege. Not a very high bar, admittedly.

A long time ago I concluded Bevan had indeed be right (and continues to be today) so started to vote SNP at the first opportunity in 1974,  but Blair and Brown obviously forgot to remember the Welshman's words as they allowed the spiv barrow-boy bankers to destroy the economy and then get the proles to start paying for it via austerity measures, which the Tories gleefully continued.



Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.