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Links Thursday 3 September 2020

First Minister's Questions September 02, 2020



Scottish Government




63% of Scottish voters believe Yes would win a 2021 referendum



“If they do have that referendum that’s something that everybody who was born in Scotland and has eligibility to be in the Scottish state, should have a right to have a say” Tory Lord Finkelstein on new Scottish independence referendum



Ian Blackford  It was a targeted political smear from the prime minister’s office... it is a very serious situation when the apparatus of the UK government can be deployed in this way, manufacturing false briefings in order to attack an opposition politician



The battle of wills



ITV news. While making big announcements on lockdown & quarantine,

@NicolaSturgeonis also planning for indyref2.


I think if the SNP go into 2021 in their manifesto stating categorically that a vote for them is a vote for another referendum and return a majority of MSPs, it’ll be extremely difficult for the UK Govt to continue to just say no.’ Adam Morris former ScotToriesComms Director



Is It Finally Game On?



James Kelly. Resignation letter



Labour facing an “extinction level” threat at Holyrood election if

@LabourRichardremains in charge - according to MSP MarkGriff1n

in his resignation letter



Far be it from me to except a compassionate response to Mercy Beguma's death from the Secretary for Work and Pensions but this response really is only possible if your job is to be an administrator of evil



As another Tory #Brexitconsequential  bill goes through theHouseofCommonsI took the opportunity to remind the Tories that their willful defiance of Scottish democracy has led to record support for #Independence



Talking up Scotland



Holyrood magazine



Michel Barnier: We are ready to move on our initial position [on fisheries] if the UK moves. The UK will regain full sovereignty over its waters, no doubt, but regaining control over the fish in those waters is another issue



British meat exports to EU set to fall by 90% in 'hard Brexit' scenario, report warns



No 10 and the secretly funded lobby groups intent on undermining democracy George Monbiot


Thanks for the links Ann. You'll see of course that I make use of your really informative links on WGD's site which I'm sure are making a positive difference. Even more converts? I've been trying to find the full 2020/2021 ScotGov report that covers all plans including those for Indyref2. Any chance you could point me in the right direction Ann or have I missed it on here?

Morning Petra. Is this what you were looking for?



Not having a good morning. Severe problems with internet so there may be no links for next few days 

Thanks for that Ann and sorry to hear that you're having problems with the Internet. Hopefully it'll be resolved real soon.

Thanks again for the links Ann, sorry to hear of your internet problems. Ours has been hellish slow for about three weeks now, it's can be so frustrating at times.

Your doing a great job and very much appreciated.

Hello @marie-clark. Good to hear from you again. Hope all is well. 

Internet problem now resolved thank goodness. 


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.