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Links Thursday 27 August 2020




Scottish Government



Scotland Coronavirus Tracker



Government Expenditure & Revenue Scotland (GERS) 2019-20



Richard Murphy

Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland is the usual fabrication, whilst hinting at how badly treated Scotland has been


New GERS data fundamentally makes the case for Scottish independence



GERS groundhog day



Fraser of Allander. GERS 2020: Socially distance yourself from the myths and furore



Based on GERS, the UK would save £288 million a week if it ejected Scotland from the union. Why has no brit put that on the side of a bus?



Currency questions



One of the Forward as One committee members (who has been a long-standing SNP member) is bringing forward the following resolution to their branch for the conference. While I gave guidance on Sec 30 case, the resolution is all them!



GlasgowLovesEUhas joined with other pro EU groups to encourage people to write to their public representatives


The latest letter is focused on the Irish Sea Border and the about the impact on Scotland of the de facto border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK



Defying the bully



"If a former First Minister is saying there was a conspiracy and he has evidence of a conspiracy, which is I think that Alex (Salmond) is saying then I think it's reasonable to ask a judge independently to investigate those allegations and find out if there is substance to them."



Alec Ross. Homage to Caledonia



Talking up Scotland



Holyrood magazine



Last Friday Downing Street swung into action, apparently BorisJohnson had cut short his holiday,  journalists were being briefed I was responsible for exposing his whereabouts. I am grateful to the photographer for confirming I was not the source



Devi Sridhar. I think it’s better newspapers keep referring to me as a guy. It means when they make up quotes (not in this instance, but another tabloid recently did this) that there’s proof they never spoke to me.



Devi Sridhar. Going to be turning my focus back to more global issues esp in LMICs & also finding it too hard to make sense of what’s happening in the UK as a whole.



The Subtle Knife Lurking Behind Boris Johnson


Thanks for the links Ann with loads of really informative data therein from GERS to currency. I especially like the Newsnet link.

I'll leave these here.


Jo Maugham QC;- ”Just remarkable that the Government – at this most delicate moment for the Union – is considering stripping from the Scottish Courts powers explicitly preserved for them by the 1706 and 1707 Acts of Union. Just, wow.” https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1299028049879543808


Martin J Demagogue Keatings:- ”GERS – the magic trick of Scotland generating 65.9bn in revenues, sending it to Westminster who only gives us back £32bn, holds on to 34bn and the tell us that we now owe them £15bn because they “spent it on our behalf”. This clip from Southpark pretty much sums it up!” https://twitter.com/MartinJKeatings/status/1298962839080759296



”SHOCK: BBC’s Brian Taylor tells listeners that GERS is anti-Independence propaganda. It is too.”




‘Andrew Marr: Scotland is slipping away from the Union.’

..”The SNP may be having feuds but they are self-confident, vigorous and optimistic. Unionism seems muffled and tired by comparison. But if independence happens, the end of GB is going to be a more traumatic moment for England than today’s ministers seem able to grasp. It’s going to feel much more significant than Brexit. The future of basic aspects of identity, like the Union Flag, the name of the country, its defence system, and the scope of its territory will be in question. Perhaps the PM grasps this. But his premiership may be defined by this and Unionists will need a far cleverer and more passionate politics than anything we have seen so far from Boris Johnson — or indeed, Keir Starmer. Nothing in politics, as in life, is inevitable. But at the moment, the Scotland my father knew is slipping away.”..




Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.