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Links Sunday 1 March 2020

Manipulation Via GERS



New Alcohol and Drug Hub to be Trialled in Orkney



Wee ginger dug

Sorry, not sorry


Talking up Scotland



Brexit impact on Northern Ireland not as big as we think



Tony Connelly  The deepening standoff over the Irish Protocol



Britain doesn't need farmers, reveal leaked senior official emails



Richard North

Brexit: designed to fail


Is this a return to no deal? Probably not – but there will be losers



Home Office brags about success of entrepreneur visa it abolished a year ago


Morning Ann, thanks for the links. What an absolutely astonishing piece that Britain doesn't need farmers or fishermen. Wow. That won't go down well in our wee corner of the world will it. Farms and fishing are very important down here.

Just shows you how these clowns think, let's be like Singapore and import all our food. Leaves you very vulnerable does it not. But, hey, food doesn't make a big percentage in the great scheme of things, so no worries then eh. If only the farmers and the fishermen had listened when we tried to warn them.

I see the tories are up to their usual tricks. Senior civil servant at the home office resigns, but he's a calamity anyway, the othering has started against this man. But, but, Boris is engaged and going to be a daddy, again. Wonder how many that makes now. So we've dealt with this man, here's a lovely squirrel.

This government is a shambles, they can't run the various departments without the civil service, and now they are seriously pissing them off. Other governments have gone to war with the civil service, and guess what. It never ended well for them.

Thanks for the links Ann. As Marie has pointed out the leak in relation to the fishermen and farmers just highlights that we are dealing with a bunch of bl**dy numpties. They don't seem to give a damn about anyone other than those who are totally focussed on lining their own pockets. Import our food? Who from? The EU, ha ha? Pay through the nose to get food imported from coronavirus China or the genetically modified,  chlorinated US? And what of the land when the farmers have to sell up?  No doubt to the landed gentry will scoop it all up at rock bottom rates. What will they do with it? Open it up for fracking? England's green and pleasant land looks as though it will soon be , if they get their way,  brown and unpleasant.


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.