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Links Saturday 4 April 2020

I Have a Plan So That We Can Remain Anonymous But Have Maximum Effect”



First Minister NicolaSturgeonholds a press conference on coronavirus 3/4/2020



Scottish Government



Matt Hancock - 4 Doctors have died & some nurses



A job matching service has launched today for the Edinburgh and South East Scotland region in response to the #coronavirusoutbreak

City Region Deal launches Covid-19 Job Support


We’ve introduced some business support that is Scotland-specific, which sits alongside the GOVUKs v welcome support for wages thru the Job Retention Scheme & Self-Employed scheme



Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland



Coronavirus (COVID-19): How are deaths counted?



As the coronavirus spreads in Ecuador, bodies are being left on streets



Think our government knows what they are doing? Watch this.



Scotland goes Pop

With a voice in London once again banging the "herd immunity" drum, the time has come for Nicola Sturgeon to follow Jacinda Ardern by loudly saying "no way, not EVER"


What’s wrong with British nationalists?



Maybe our new film about Declaration of Arbroath could help keep folk at home awhile? It'll be online Saturday 9am. It seems to be the only film coverage of 700th anniversary.



Declaration – a letter of liberty



Taking inspiration from lockdown Italy and to tie in with this Saturday's virtual celebrations of The Declaration of Arbroath, Yessers across Scotland are to create a Sea of Saltires from their gardens, balconies or windows. Will you join us?



Why 5G is not causing the coronavirus pandemic, despite the conspiracy theory about towers, Wuhan and radiation



Special report: Scotland… the greatest secret on the seven seas



Talking up Scotland



Holyrood magazine



Johnson gov’t losing the Covid battle on the frontlines and headlines



Grover Norquist, your bath is ready”



Richard Murphy

£55 billion of NHS PFI debt has not been written off: with so much else that now needs to be reformed if the NHS is to serve us into the future


Three Years in Hell: Fintan O’Toole on the disastrous Corbyn Effect



3 April update: what happened in Brexit this week?



Chris Grey

The latest delusion


Why Are So Many More Men Dying from Coronavirus?



US accused of 'modern piracy' after diversion of masks meant for Europe



Here is Captain Crozier walking away from his ship while sailors chant his name after he was relieved from duty for blowing the whistle on a coronavirus contamination aboard the USS Roosevelt.



Joke I heard

“The dogs want to know why the humans are wearing muzzles”

A great collection this morning, Ann.  Thank you.

Thanks again Ann for the links, hope you are safe and well.

What an absolutely coruscating piece from Craig Murray, wow. Lesley Riddoch''s film about the Declaration of Arbroath is well worth a watch.


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.