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Links Saturday 21 March 2020

Update on The Scottish People Vs The UK Government on Indyref2



THE TRIAL OF ALEX SALMOND Former Scottish First Minister A 'Sexual Predator'

The Trial of Alex Salmond: Former Scottish First Minister A ‘Sexual Predator’


THE TRIAL OF ALEX SALMOND Marmite Man' Inappropriate But Not Criminal, Jury Told

The Trial of Alex Salmond: ‘Marmite Man’ Inappropriate But Not Criminal, Jury Told


Who is Nicola Sturgeon?



Holyrood magazine



Stuff UK media said would happen if Scotland voted Yes to independence that happened anyway No.237 : Economic Depression [only now we don't control levers to deal with it and Tory clowns are in charge]



First Minister NicolaSturgeonholds a press conference on coronavirus

Coronavirus - school and ELC closures: guidance on critical childcare provision for key workers



Coronavirus (COVID-19): Constituency support – updated 20 March 2020



There is the potential to reduce COVID-19 transmission by requesting that individuals with new onset of anosmia self-isolate. A lost sense of smell as marker of COVID-19 infection... for full details see below



The grasping vacuum in Number 10



Talking up Scotland



Protecting the doctors: The reality of the equipment supply problem



Brexit, the Irish border and Coronavirus



UK’s chief Brexit negotiator self-isolating after showing coronavirus symptoms, Number 10 confirms



Chris Grey

Extending the transition period: Johnson’s chance to lead


A Brexit extension will help stop this crisis becoming a disaster


Thanks for the links Ann. Loads for us to get through. I see that Mike Russell notified Gove that Indyref2 won't be held this year, due to the CV crisis, and that the Westminster nitwits should now extend the EU transition period. But will they have the sense to do so? In a way I hope not and by adding fuel to the fire plus their handling of this crisis we'll see support for Independence go right through the roof.


Gordon Ross:- Another mention of support now standing at 53%.



Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.