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UPDATED Links Monday 9th December 2019



"I kept having to put my specs on to hide the fact I was crying." The SNP's Dr Philippa Whitford speaks about kids struggling to concentrate at school due to hunger and child poverty.   https://twitter.com/Channel4/status/1203770263848005638

Long read

NEW! This summer, @MattHancock announced a partnership between the NHS and Amazon Alexa. Many people were concerned about what the real cost of this partnership would be for the NHS.


Labour’s record in Wales doesn’t make me angry – just disappointed.   http://archive.ph/fHTsa

Johnson again says: no checks on goods from NI to GB under his "great new deal". Media again report as if it's a point for genuine discussion. To reiterate: plain text of his agreement is explicit, there WILL be checks from NI to GB. He's a pathological liar, BBC, so just say it!




Well done!  https://twitter.com/JackElphinstone/status/1203681802784825345


On the Full Scottish this week, Kenny McBride will we joined by Elaine Gunn, the Scottish Green Party Candidate for Edinburgh West and Elaine Whyte from the Clyde Fishermen’s Association to talk about the big stories in this week’s news, comment on the latest General Election campaigning and discuss the future of fishing in Scotland.



Mechanical engineer appears in court after threatening Nicola Sturgeon with ‘bullet’ over independence stance.  http://archive.ph/vSDHS


Scottish councils are shelling out millions more in debt payments as a result of a Treasury clampdown on English councils’ high risk investments. This emerged starkly at Edinburgh’s Finance Committee today. Read thread below.







Just the former Head of the Civil Service Sir Bob Kerslake saying Tory Ministers regarded Tory Government hostile environment as 'reminiscent of Nazi Germany'    https://twitter.com/TheBirmingham6/status/1202928962189627399




I have no words.   https://twitter.com/sturdyAlex/status/1203646276438577152


Cortez does it again!  https://twitter.com/mikegalsworthy/status/1203318596241436672



England's last roar: Pankaj Mishra on nationalism and the election.

Brilliant essay, worth reading.     http://archive.ph/eOnAZ

England’ NHS Jack is 4. Jack has suspected pneumonia. Last night, he lay on a floor in the hospital for more than 4 hours. BBC would rather talk about  how Boris Johnson butters a scone than tell you about Jack http://archive.ph/OTmKQ

Fintan O’toole.   The ‘Boris being Boris’ shtick is a cover for racism and lies. But it’s wearing thin   http://archive.ph/pegSo

This beggars belief. @MattHancock has given Amazon access to huge swathes of NHS data to exploit however they choose - for free. The NHS won’t see a penny.    https://twitter.com/doctor_oxford/status/1203584047798202368

70% of people would back free movement with new restrictions on EU citizens. But LSE poll looks fatally flawed - would these proposals survive serious debate? Detailed thread. https://twitter.com/SimonFRCox/status/1172530492220092416


Brexit won’t get done and Boris Johnson’s election triumph will be shortlived – Richard Heller  http://archive.ph/E10yc




Man born without arms or legs ordered to prove he can't work three times in a year  http://archive.ph/vYDcS



Brexit: dead rats and balls in the net





Remember his words: “Inequality is essential.”  https://twitter.com/TheStephenRalph/status/1203417010287316993


Scoop by @GeorgeWParker   Whitehall getting seriously worried about @BorisJohnson promise to exit the transition in Dec 2020




Really enjoyed the Mishra article on English nationalism, sense of superiority and xenophobia, Hacka. Nice too, to see Tom Nairn being quoted again, who once said "Scotland will be free when the last minister is strangled by the last copy of the Sunday Post".

How simple things seemed in those far-off days. Now we have a completely compromised and complicit media ushering in a right-wing coup without the tanks as the electorate pitch up and down in a sea of lies.

@Tinto, yes I think Mishra nails the English disease, which also infects the Proud Scot Buts.

To me, it read like the summary chapter for a disaster investigation, with the full trail of causes laid out from the root to where they are now. To them, we are just a side issue to be dealt with.

Lies and Fascism are addressed in this blog today from David Allen Green:



How can anyone vote for this man? 

Tried to show @BorisJohnson the picture of Jack Williment-Barr. The 4-year-old with suspected pneumonia forced to lie on a pile of coats on the floor of a Leeds hospital. The PM grabbed my phone and put it in his pocket:


I think the DAG article shows us that many people will vote for that miserable excuse for a man, Nana. F_____m is "the politics of easy answers" as the man says and too many Brexiteers want to believe the soothing lies about "taking back control" and giving the swivel finger to the EU while they are encouraged to blame Muslims and immigrants for their problems. The austerity measures forced on them by Red and Blue Tories (with LibDem help) has hurt the proles most but they have been told to blame the EU by the billionaire-owned redtops and not the corrupt politicians who bailed out the bankers and almost trebled the national debt in ten years.

We might despair of their naivety and stupidity but the Tories in particular just love voters like that. I am worried about what may occur on Thursday, both here and in the ULK generally.

Thank you Hackalumpoff and Nana, you must both have been up all night putting this together.  It is much appreciated.

That last chart in the Pisa report is very interesting and does paint a different picture but I remain sceptical about how useful Pisa is.


Can somebody confirm that I am right in thinking that the deal with Amazon is just in England?


Quote from Ann B on 9th December 2019, 5:31 pm

Can somebody confirm that I am right in thinking that the deal with Amazon is just in England?



Answer from Jeane Freeman.  



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