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Links Monday 9 March 2020

Scottish Government



Coronavirus in Scotland (This has moved to “Topic “ on the Scottish Government website)



How in the name of f*ck do the Herald get away with putting Salmond’s name beside pictures of Myra Hindley and the Yorkshire Ripper a day before his trial?


Absolutely disgusted with how they've  used an image of my innocent son James Bulger in this article surrounded by murderers and rapists.



The storm clouds



Full Scottish – 08/03/2020



BBC bias



Talking up Scotland



Richard North

Brexit: dem planes


The UK currently contributes between £1 million & £4 million to fund EASA, while the aerospace industry estimates creating a UK authority able to perform these functions will take at least 10 years & cost £30 to £40 million a year.



Maternity rights to be stripped from self-employed women under new Conservative law



This is very powerful stuff from AOC and completely exposes the big Pharmaceutical Corporations for exactly what they are



Well, it made me laugh


Thanks for the links Ann. You just wonder how bad things are going to get for the UK between one thing and another? The coronavirus of course deflecting from the Brexit shambles and even to some extent the AS case, which they didn't expect. I've just been reading about the website stats Ann. Great to see that so much data, as an example, is getting out there. Once again a big thank you from me for taking the time to keep the link site going X


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.