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Links Monday 3 August 2020

As it’s a quite day I have included Indyposter Boy and Business for Scotland websites as some may not be familiar with them and those that are may not have visited them lately.


Scottish Government



Would not usually discuss SNP business publicly but there is a lot of speculation about so, in the interests of accuracy, I will. Conference instructed the NEC to ensure selection rules had a focus on gender balance & increasing diversity.






Philippa Whitford. For ALL theSNPMPs - now trapped at Westminster with no straightforward way to put themselves forward for Scotland’s own Parliament. No one ever mentioned this before any of us stood for Westminster.



Scotland goes Pop

It's time to democratise the SNP's NEC


From 2014 UK debt and the Scotland independence referendum



Our article in Scottish Affairs last August was subject to an attempt to stop publication, based on an accusation of transphobia. The only evidence offered was an objection to the way we had used the word 'woman



Douglas Ross vows to strip power from Holyrood as he launches bid to lead Scottish Tories



Good Morning Scotland is running another 'Scotland Bad/England Good' pandemic story this morning. It's about chronic pain sufferers travelling to England for treatment. They were touting for people to contact them over three weeks ago as Fiona Stalker's tweet reveals.



There’s absolutely no doubt Scotland could be independent…The question is 'How much cost are you willing to bear



Talking up Scotland



The government is in danger of being overwhelmed by Brexit



Indyposter Boy



Business for Scotland


Thanks for the links Ann and a good idea getting the ScotGov, Talking up Scotland and Business for Scotland (etc) links on here.

Thanks Petra. It suddenly came to me that there is such a lot of information on those two sites but how often do we look at them. Please add any others you think of 


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.