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Links Monday 23 March 2020

This should be shown every 1/2 hour across all tv stations etc

Please stay at home.



This from BBCNormanSon the emergency new laws being rushed through today.



Scottish Government



200,000 people in Scotland with extreme health vulnerabilities will be written to in coming days with advice to isolate for 12 weeks & details of how they will be supported.



With immediate effect ferry companies will no longer take non-essential travellers. From now on Ferries will be for those who live on our islands, who have an essential need to travel to or from the mainland and for essential supplies or business.  Nothing else.



Police Scotland statement on Licensed Premises



Life shouldn't feel normal right now, so if your life still feels entirely normal, ask yourself if you are doing the right things



Loch Lomond Waterfront’s post



Scottish Scene: Universal basic income can help those in need pay bills through this crisis



Full Scottish – 22/03/2020



The lessons we learn



Talking up Scotland



Alec Ross. Magnificent Triviality



Janey Godley   I don’t want to see any of you out there (when you have watched it run down to the Italian mayors)





Thanks for the links Ann, hope you and yours are keeping safe. I've been raging all weekend at these eejits, swanning aboot on holiday and with their motorhomes, coming up to their holiday houses etc to avoid the Covid-19. Selfish so and so's. We dinnae want it, go home and stay there. I see in Gatehouse, one of the hotels held a wedding reception on Saturday night. Well as you might guess, in a wee place like Gatehouse it's caused a right stooshie. and rightly so. They'll be lucky if they survive after that one.

Good to have the links and keep up with what's going on. We're on lockdown here after a family powwow. Look efter the auld yins. It's not nice, but a necessity. 

Oh well keep safe and take care folks.


Hi Marie, good to hear from you.  I hope you’re chest infection is better. I cannot believe that hotel is such idiots and as for ******** that have flooded up here bringing their infections and overloading our NHS words are beyond me.  I have heard that our vets is shutting today, emergencies only from then only.

Hopefully people are still finding the links are useful.  There really is only one subject which is not really the one that this site is for but I am trying to keep people in touch with useful information that they might not have easy access to.

We are in lockdown as well apart from taking the dog out very early as usual.  Not seen any of the other usual early regulars.

Take care 

My chest infection has cleared up, and I'm very well now thank you. Hopefully I can stay that way. As for the aforementioned hotel, I believe that there's a piece in the Herald today about it, they won't like that, the town is angry enough about it.

Don't meet anyone either dog walking , which I suppose is a good thing.

Stay safe.

Have you heard that Charles is at risk having been in the same room as Prince Albert of Monaco who has tested positive so he and Camilla have come to Deeside!

Really! Ye gods, they should be chased as well. Good auld Scotia we'll send all the stuff we don't like to them, cause we're all selfish b******* and we'll hide up there. Poos sweaties, we just don't count. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Thanks for the links Ann especially those that relate to this blooming coronavirus.  We need that information, imo, to help us to keep on top of this. Like many others now, I'm in self-isolation and trying to get my head around dealing with a new ''timetable'' !!!  

Meanwhile taking into account that the libraries are closed this site may be helpful for some. Audible are making hundreds of their books free to listen to during this crisis. Good for them. It looks as though most of books are for children but there are some there for adults too. No signing in. Just click and listen.
Really annoying to think that so many selfish bast*rds are heading to Scotland (and Wales) and that includes the Royals. I just wonder if the Maggie Currans of this world are now regretting complaining about having a hard border. This crisis now highlights more than ever that we and our Government require to have total control of all decision making affecting our country. 
Take care folks X


Yay, just heard , Alex Salmond not guilty  on all charges. Yes, but, stand back, the merde will hit the fan big time now.

This is a useful article by Prof Devi Sridhar

It sets out the timing of various milestones on the way to where we are now and how the UK Gov ignored all of them


@legerwood is there a "deliberately" missing ?

Well it might be but that would assume they had the brains to deliberate and act on their deliberations rather than the more likely reason:  they have not got a clue about anything.


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.