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Links Monday 2 March 2020

Scottish Government



One of ScotParltrue characters, zsstevenswill be missed - as will Feorleanand others like RHBruceCrawfordglasgowcathcartGailRossSNPRichardlyleSnpannouncing retirement from Parliament in 2021. All of them fine friends and colleagues, and very hard acts to follow.



Brexit Secretary Mike Russell says he's quitting Hollyrood



Seeing some tweets from people dismayed by SNP MSPs announcing they are standing down at the same time. The reason for this is because the selection process for the 2021 election has started, so those MSPs who do not intend to stand again are announcing it. No other reason



Scotland is paying for 8%, or £1.4bn, of the £17.6bn London Crossrail project.  The cost overrun alone is twice the HM Treasury 2014 estimate of the set-up costs for an independent Scotland.



All supermarkets promote DEFRA’s ‘Great’ campaign to some extent. Many people have no choice in what they buy, either because of availability or price.



Scotland to close growth gap on rest of UK, says EY ITEM Club



We might only have 5.4m of a population but Scotland has 3 out of the top 10 universities in the world for sustainability including 1 in the top 3!



THE UK Government has come under fire as it emerged that the minister who convened its UK drug summit left half way through his own event without hearing key evidence from internationally renowned drug experts or from Irish and Welsh ministers.



Scottish Drug Deaths – The Whole Picture!



Full Scottish – 01/03/2020



The lightbulb moment



I am indebted to Roger Anderson for opening my eyes to the period immediately following Culloden. In time, our whole understanding of that period will need to be re-written, as we discover that the narrative we have been fed bears little or no resemblance to the truth



Post-Brexit trade talks could collapse over fishing rights, French minister warns



PM will not let independent UK be bound by 'abusive' European human rights laws," reports the Telegraph. A reminder below of the rights and freedoms which the ECHR protects. If you're not worried by this, you don't understand what's happening to the UK.



Richard Murphy

The dangers of contemporaneous recording of thoughts


Coronavirus lockdown in China has air pollution levels tumbling, NASA satellites reveal



Flying under the radar today: Trump’s people just bought Twitter.




Dept of Health wanted U.K. to pitch to remain part of EU pandemic ‘EWRS’ early warning system after #brexit- but Number Ten said “no” to preserve ‘red lines’.



A UKGov Adviser has said that the UK should stop producing food and just import everything. What would happen if we did?


Thanks for the links Ann. Interesting to see that our contribution to Crossrail London, ALONE, is costing us twice as much as setting up an Independent Scotland. Let's not forget that when they start their scaremongering again.

A UKGov Adviser has said that the UK should stop producing food and just import everything. What would happen if we did?


Well I suppose we could eat the 'economically inactive', who wont be needed to howk tatties but doubt they would taste the same without vegetables.  

I think I'm joking but with this lot in Westminster who knows.


Actually no, Scotland does receive Barnett consequentials for Crossrail. It's also a private public parternship thing, so in theory at least the UK Gov is only responsible for overruns of costs - and from memory, Scotland was bunged £500 million a fair few years ago. But it would be fair enough to say Scotland doesn't receive ALL the Barnett as I think Crossrail has been assessed as having some benefit for Scotland. Compare these two replies, one from UK Gov, and one from ScotGov.



It's an area to tread cautiously, as it's easy for unionists to show that Scotland has received at least some, though the source is maybe a bit suspect:


Thanks for the links Yesindyref2. Interesting and a subject that I can see now, that I'll have to look into in more detail. That is if all of the details are available, lol.


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