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Links Monday 10 February 2020

Full Scottish – 09/02/2020



#AUOBwill only call a March at London when we know we can mobilise a million, which would be an attendance not only by Scots but Welsh AUOBCymru& Irish UnityYes, as well as English too. This is in my sights but we're not ready yet.



Keith Brown on BBC’s record of challenging Scottish Govt budget but never examining UK Gov’s financial mismanagement



Despite being forced to issue a correction live on air following his interviews, the responses to Gordon Brewer's misleading question were *still used* on Reporting Scotland later that evening.



Scotland goes Pop

No, "consultative referendum" is not a euphemism for "UDI"


A Force For Good's '57 Benefits of the UK Union' debunked!



Genuine question folks ... Is Gordon Brewer's claim true? We can't find any evidence that the Scottish Fiscal Commission has confirmed some high-earners have indeed left Scotland because of Scottish Govt tax rates



NHSuk” official account of NHS England. Says it all really



Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland? Apparently not even getting a look in on the “United” Kingdom

Brexit Day was a bad start to our search for a new place in the world




THE GREAT BRITISH BREAK-UP: Lessons and Warnings from Dublin and Belfast


Attacks on the BBC Are Less About Broadcasting MORE ABOUT A DIVIDED BRITAIN

Attacks on the BBC are Less About Broadcasting and More About a Divided Britain


Mourning A Terrorist


Thanks for this Ann, much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Can everyone please spread the word that the links are still going? The link to the Links subforum is https://indyref2.space/forum/forum/links/

Late to the party today Ann, busy morning, but thanks again some good catches in the links today. You're working hard lass, doing a grand job. Cheers.

Ann you are doing a sterling job and I just wish that I had the time to help you out here.


Anyway thanks for the links and great to see wee Brewer being called out for being the liar that he is, over and over again.

Thank you all for your kind words 


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.