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Links Friday 6 March 2020

Scottish Government



Oil – An epic example of Westminster’s economic mismanagement



Icelandic Climate Commission Vice Chair Brynhildur Davíðsdóttir & former OECDChief Statistician Martine Durand have joined the First Minister's Council of Economic Advisers. They will help put inclusive growth, sustainability & wellbeing at the heart of economic policy.



Coronavirus will affect some businesses more than others. Amongst those most affects will be the producers of public events like the Edinburgh Festivals.  Today I asked the UK government to have a debate on the potential implications of the coronavirus outbreak on such events.



Scotland’s research and development spend is growing faster than the rest of UK.



Ducks in a row



Talking up Scotland



Boris Johnson and Jackson Carlaw discuss making immigration more "flexible" for Scotland



Tory minister wants Boris Johnson to reconsider bridge proposals... for a tunnel



lister Jack gave evidence to Holyrood’s Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee this morning. The Scottish media won't report what he said about Brexit vis-a-vis Scotland. We recorded the full session so you can see for yourself.



On their UK website, the BBC have pages for Health and Politics to cover these matters separately. There is no separate Health page for Scotland, conveniently allowing the BBC to assign every health related story to Scotland>Politics.



Opinion: Why isn’t there a Scottish Schlumberger? (2018)



Today is a victory against Spain’s abuse of the rule of law “In a true democracy people do not get prosecuted for advocating political change by peaceful and constitutional means, nor can we allow

@ClaraPonsatito extradited for doing the same in Spain” Extradition suspended



Proportion of salary covered by sick pay



The US Congress will have a vote on the UK/US #TradeAgreementyet MPs in the UK Parliament won’t. Today I asked Trade Minister Liz Truss if she thinks America deserves to have more democratic scrutiny than the UK.



The Brexit fallout gathers pace



Calls for an inquiry into Brexit referendum to be heard by parliament



Parliament has been flying the union flag upside down



Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.