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Links Friday 28 February 2020

Prof dannydorlingof UniofOxfordon BBCnews

- England infant mortality rate up due to cuts

- Scotland invested & reduced infant mortality rate

Says UK 'splitting apart' on policy, spendings & outcomes

- England becoming more like USA

- Scotland moving to Scandinavian model



Scottish Government



Funding Scottish Social Security: A different scale



Salaries comparison 



My piece in ⁦timesredbox⁩ explaining how the legality of a ⁦ScotParl  Bill to hold #indyref2could be tested in the courts as part of the wider political strategy to move us away from the current #Section30impasse



Michael Gove sparks cringe moment as he echoes Dad's Army in response to SNP



As the #UKDrugsSummittakes place in Glasgow, I asked the Leader of the House when we can expect a debate on the drugs crisis to allow us to consider changing the law to allow interventions that will save lives. Watch below:



Glasgow’s Drugs Summit week represents the choice facing Scotland - we continue to follow UK Tory Govt criminalisation with ⁦kitmalthouse  or progress by treating addiction as a health issue backed by ScotGov’s Chief Medical Officer ⁦⁦CathCalderwood1



Challenged on link between Tory austerity and Scotland's drug death crisis, Kit Malthouse defends by saying the issue began in the 80's - when Tories destroyed Scotland's industries and extracting hundreds of billions in oil.



The consumption room at Scotland’s Drug Deaths Summit yesterday - designed to show how they could work in Glasgow to help recovery and prevent fatal overdose. The UK Govt insisted the room was ripped out and removed for their summit today



A drugs summit in Glasgow, Scotland is told to remove a mock up of a drugs consumption room by the Tories as they think it’s irrelevant to helping deliver safer environments for addicts. Meanwhile in Bristol in England...



Scotland has a drugs problem – and it’s called Westminster



Scotland, we've been sold down the river at Faslane.

Thread about why it's already a done deal that Faslane will become a  nuclear waste processing plant with horrific consequences to the Scottish Environment.   

MoD is in the spotlight for using Scotland as a dump.  There is no transparency on what has been dumped or where



We've caught BBC Scotland trying to hide a fake news blunder.



Culture Secretary FionaHysloptoday chairs a summit of culture leaders, as well as the UK and Welsh governments and Northern Ireland Executive, calling for a flexible approach to visas for international performers at our festivals



The democratic deficit



Talking up Scotland



Change of Tory strategy at PMQs as no barracking of Ian Blackford or merely a temporary cease fire?



The Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross MSP Gail Ross is to stand down at the next election.



Richard Lyle I have recently announced that I will not be standing for re-election as an MSP in 2021.



Sikhs across Scotland watching developments today at SP_European starting now to see if they are left with no choice but to take legal action against Scottish Ministers for institutional discrimination as a result of Census ethnic group categories



Holyrood magazine



The proposed immigration system will inflict untold damage



Heathrow third runway plans ruled illegal



Tories raked in record-breaking £37m in donations ahead of election as Labour got less than £10m



More harm than good’ – Latest report on UK’s development bank



Serco: Rewarding Criminality and Failure



Gove, in summary: “We plan to ignore anything we promised before the referendum, after it, or signed up to three months ago. Whatever we decided five minutes ago is “the will of the people”. Everyone has to do as we say, because we’re sovereign now.”



I organised TV debates on Brexit. The ‘reasonable centre ground’ silenced itself



Is it legal for Tories to auction access to Govt assets, eg lunch in a prison and travel in a Lancaster bomber?



Sometimes you need to tell voters they're wrong



Condescension, false humility, divisiveness – welcome to Mikeyworld



The letters page of the Irish Times almost never disappoints



A risk of infection…(amusing)


Great links Ann. I especially liked the Oxford professor Danny Dorling interview. The points that he made to the US reporter must be sticking in many a Westminster craw, lol.


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