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Links Friday 2 October 2020

First Minister's Questions October 01 2020



Scottish Government



There's a bit of confusion with people saying that the SNP should ''sack'' Margaret Ferrier. An MP can't be sacked, i.e removed as an MP, by their party. The party can only withdraw the whip and suspend/expel them from the party. Thread



This is utterly indefensible. It’s hard to express just how angry I feel on behalf of people across the country making hard sacrifices every day to help beat COVID. The rules apply to everyone and they’re in place to keep people safe. Ianblackford_MPis right to suspend the whip



The UK Internal Market Bill – The Devolved Administrations Responses



Dame Helena Kennedy on the Internal Market Bill



The Scottish economy is at a crossroads with the immediate future hard to predict - economic forecaster



we will hold a mass vehicle rally on Saturday 9th January- seeking Max participation from the whole movement across the entire country, from all the Hebrides to Aberdeenshire, from the Borders to Argyll, the big cities to the Highlands



It Is All About Priorities.



Leaked emails show Scottish Conservative divisions on SNP Government Hate Crime Bill



This is the daftest thing LabourRichardhas said recently



Alec Ross. Letter to Annette



Cruel Britannia



Talking up Scotland



Holyrood magazine



Commission: letter of formal notice sent to UK re the internal market bill and the withdrawal agreement. Invites the UK to reply within a month. An explanation of the legal process including the Commission's press release re infringement proceedings against the UK - And the statement by Commission president von der Leyen- thread



Hilary Benn - The cost to the chemical industry to register all chemicals would be £1billion... so why has the government imposed such enormous costs & red tape on one of our most successful Industries?

Michael Gove - That's an inevitable consequence of leaving the EU..



First pilot of 200 ‘baby bundles’ rolled out in Wales after Scottish success



Janey  Godley. Margaret Ferrier “Frank get the door  I’ve got the Covid and went on a train”


Thanks for the links Ann. I see they are all giving it the full monty this morning re. Margaret Ferrier. Too bad no one is asking why Prince Charles didn't stand down as future King when he breached the guidelines 🙄. Broke the law? 



I'll leave this link here. Another myth busted. Hope you have a great weekend Ann X


‘Scottish independence is inevitable and nothing to worry about, UK CEOs agree.’

”ONLY 4% of the UK’s most senior business leaders believe Scotland will not become independent, with most chief executives and finance directors relaxed about the prospect, according to a dramatic new poll.

The survey carried out by leading research company Ipsos MORI found 95% of the top executives are confident their company would adapt to the consequences of the new constitutional arrangement.”..



Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.