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Court action 'likely' if Indyref2 power refused  http://archive.is/RUpKd 

From the times, the rest is behind a paywall

A senior SNP minister has threatened to take Boris Johnson to court if he tries to block a second independence referendum.

Mike Russell, the Scottish government’s constitutional relations secretary, has given the clearest signal yet that court action is the SNP’s “Plan B” to break the impasse over a second referendum.

In Scotland on Thursday the prime minister said that he would refuse to give Holyrood the powers it needs to hold another ballot even if the SNP won a majority in the 2021 Scottish parliamentary election.

Russell said this “bullying bluster” by a “proven liar” will increase support for independence domestically and generate solidarity for Scottish nationalism around the world.

How the Tories are snuffing out the NHS in seven charts. THREAD.


In England Our NHS is at breaking point after a decade of Tory mistreatment. But workers are being gagged from speaking out about it.


Revealed: private surgery for NHS patients soars under Tories   http://archive.ph/sXBYh


Brexit: a no-choice democracy


Why is nobody talking about the US Senate concentrating on a photo of @BorisJohnson, with whom they allege is #Russianagent? They want to know if he's "been compromised." This should be BIG news.









Rich fare this morning, Hacka, and even more to worry about, although I do like a good Barrhead Boy rant to get me up and running in the morning and Jeggit's Random Public Journal really pins the hypocrisy of the Tory party on anti-Semitism. After all, true Tories hate everybody except rich, idle toffs, innit?

I'm pretty sure Jaow Swensun will come unstuck the more exposure she gets. Her voting record will come back to haunt her (and the SNP must state the facts on that one at every opportunity) and she's really not good under proper questioning. We know she won't go into coalition with Corbyn but will any hack ask her if she will with Boris? I can easily imagine her as deputy PM under him (wish I hadn't said that: doctor, my eyes!)  and I'm sure so can she.

As for the undermining of the Bolivian government, we shouldn't be surprised in the least. The yanks haver about freedom as some inalienable right but they only mean for themselves: think Guatemala, think Nicaragua, think Venezuela. Manifest destiny, ya bass!

Off to calm down and stare at a tree.

Thanks for your links, Hackalumpoff. Amazing, not, that there's not been a dickie bird from the BBC, et al, about the US Senate questioning whether or not Boris Johnston is a Russian agent. Meanwhile the propaganda machine is in full throttle,  going hell for leather here, on pushing the line that Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon are the security threats. 


Quote from Tinto Chiel on 11th November 2019, 11:40 am

Off to calm down and stare at a tree.

Tinto please do not upset the trees. Much better to stare at Tory, of any colour.

Come the 14th  the 1st round of horse trading will be over and all the nominations for the constituencies will be known.

Then you can head off into the wild blue/red/yellow yonders and stare at the Torys.

Sorry, I could never pine for a Tory, Haka.



Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.