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Important and worrying


Check out this tweet and the link to publications parliament below


There is a provision in Johnsons Withdrawal Agreement Bill that would allow him to amend or repeal the Scotland Act at will without approval of Parliament?






It does indeed look as though Johnson's WA bill would allow him to repeal the Scotland Act and abolish Holyrood. Hope I have misread this, anyone else care to comment? This is extremely disturbing.

European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill: interim report

Paragraph 82:
There is no restriction on 8C powers being used to . . . . . amend or repeal the Scotland Act 1998, the Government of Wales Act 2006 or the Northern Ireland Act 1998.

Nana & ScotsRenewables

It pretty much means what it says on the tin. If he can gain any kind of parliamentary majority, he'd waste no time implementing such legislation either. N.I. ceases to be an issue the second Johnson gets a mandate from the electorate. Given his current record... It's not outwith the bounds of wossiname to imagine he'd renege on any standing arrangement with the DUP and throw the rest of N.I.s population under a bus t'boot.  Scotland becomes his major headache. Scotland is the cash cow and the thing that makes the UK... well, the UK. So. Threat? Intended final destination?

Up to folks' own opinion mind, but I'd say there is only one way to look at such a provision.

Partnership, luv n' kisses, best of bestest unions in the history of the universe wouldn't figure very much in any considerations.

Also? Folk saying 'Ah bliddy telt ye' won't be a big help. Getting our vote out will.


That's it in a nutshell. We all of us have to do whatever we can to get the vote out on the day. It's time for all of us and especially our politicians to start telling the voters what is at stake, not just the NHS, freedom of movement/ EU membership but our human rights as well. 

I freely admit to being bloody terrified at what could be coming at us if we don't vote SNP. 




Tbf. It's where this has been headed from the nanosecond after the 2014 result came in. It would have arrived sooner or later, for there was no way any PM fancied such a harrowing close shave in the future. Most certainly, no way Westminster's political and societal establishment would countenance such a threat ever occurring again.

The only thing standing between them and this ... farce? That'd be the populations of these islands. Something I said a couple of years ago in a post:-

"The state and the established order is ALL. The people serve the state.  No duty of care. No public service. No ‘unity’ or common weal. Simply ‘dae as yer telt’ because… badgers and it’s really for your own good.

Now yer SNP Scottish government, some associated progressive parties across the UK and the wider YES movement in Scotland, have a somewhat different outlook. They believe that the power rests with the people. That parliament derives its direction, its power and mandate from the wants, needs and aspirations of the population. That the government of the day reflects the mandate of its population. Not all of the Holyrood parliament holds this belief of course, but that’s a work in progress.

Essentially though, government should be very, very simple. I happen to believe that the state and the party politician owe the people their service, loyalty, a duty of care and the ability to live with dignity. The basics for all our requirements at point of need. It’s about putting food on our table. Keeping us safe and well. Protecting our inalienable human rights and interests. In exchange we pay taxes to meet those needs and pay our public servants accordingly to administer and manage same. In short, the population are the nation and the nation is its population. Not the state. Not those who exercise power through the state, but the people."

''I freely admit to being bloody terrified at what could be coming at us if we don't vote SNP.''


Me too Nana. It's well after 3:00am now and time for me to head off to bed. Bottom line is, if we don't ALL support Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP we can forget it. Scotland as a proud Nation with over 1000 years of being Independent, and ALL we've given to the World, will just disappear into the ether under this fascist Tory Government that we never voted for. Our country will be absolutely decimated following centuries of (mainly poverty stricken) Scots losing their lives to protect us, our values, culture, language and our country in general. More than anything it just totally depresses me that the vast majority of Scots don't have a clue about what's actually going on here, because journalists in Scotland are an absolute bloody disgrace and the rest of the World knows it. Hang your heads in shame folks. We'll win this David and Goliath battle on our own and when we do, as we surely will, the cabal of Scottish cowards and creeps, the dregs of (so-called) journalism, will be outed. We won't want you, accept you, living and working in an Independent Scotland. And yes we know who you are. Time for you to buck yourselves up and start telling the truth. Informing the Scots because time is now running out for you.

I've said it a number of times, I too am absolutely terrified of what a Tory majority government will bring. It doesn't bear thinking about, but, it could very well happen. If we don't get out and vote SNP this time, Scotland will be well and truly Donald Ducked. I will have to hold my nose this time, cause of all this GRA rubbish, but, hold my nose I will, that's how important it is.

There are two pictures for our future that I can see. A dark circle of hell under the Tories, or a free and forward, outward looking Scotland. It won't be milk and honey all the way, there's a lot of hard work in front of us to rebuild our country. But all the decisions will be ours, I look forward to that.

I agree with Nana and Petra, well said ladies especially the bit about the msm, they should hang their heads in shame for the part that they are playing.

"I agree with Nana and Petra, well said ladies especially the bit about the msm, they should hang their heads in shame for the part that they are playing."

With very few exceptions, UK journalists are Stenographers for The State, Marie. Editors are told what the no-go areas are and they set hares running with other stories to distract attention. That's why and how the MSM will try to suppress the Boris and The Blonde or Boris and The Russians findings. After the election it will all be academic anyway and too late.

As Macart said, it couldn't be clearer what the Tories will do if they get a majority. Protests in the street, is it? "Time to put the Jocks in their place: told you the vote was too good for them!" The next steps you can imagine as per tried and trusted imperial formulae for dealing with recalcitrant natives.

Do have nightmares but make sure you vote for independence. You might never get another chance.

I am afraid to say I sometimes wonder if a far right untouchable Tory majority government that openly and plainly despises and mistreats Scotland might be the only thing that wakes people up enough to put indy support into the mid sixties, which is where it needs to be before we become unstoppable.

Hopefully the current lot are so inept that their intentions will become plain in the next month. Meanwhile, I suggest you all share the hell out of the relevant bit of text from that Lords report. 

One thing is for sure, we badly need 50+ SNP seats on Dec 12th, let's get campaigning.

Good news that the Greens are standing down in Pete Wishart's constituency.


Tinto, you're correct in what you say about the MSM, and I don't think that will change anytime before we get indy, but afterwards, well a few folk could find themselves oot on their collective bahookey, and well deserved too. Nothing, I repeat nothing, will stop me from voting for independence, well unless they've carried me out in a box, but we'll no go there.

ScotsRenewables I agree with what you say also, lets hope the next few weeks wakes folks up, but sometimes it amazes me just how stupid people can be.When you hear the nonsense that they come out with, it shows that years of brainwashing works. 

Thanks for the info about the Greens standing down in Pete Wishart's seat, I hadn't heard that. Common sense at last. Well done the Greens.



Worth reading.



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