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Hold the front page


Hold the front page. Hold ALL the front pages. The Leave campaigns lied, the brexit vote is tainted and a flawed mandate. This election is being fought by the Tories on an utterly false premise

Statement from the electoral commission


So, what now, Nana? Will it all be brushed under the carpet by our wonderful MSM? I notice my Microsoft newsfeed has nothing on this story so far. Or will it be simply be deemed academic/overtaken by events now?

Well now Tinto, that is the $64,000 question. Will they publish before voting day or will it be buried like the Acuri and Russian stuff. Who knows, but I have my doubts.

Any other time Nana and that wouldn't have just left a mark. It would have left a crater.

Today? Today and given the state of the mainstream media and UK politics... what they've done to society. Most bods wouldn't know what they're looking at, never mind how they should feel about it.

So very true Macart.

Is it any wonder Brexit is now a cult given the stupidity of some voters. They really have no clue, there whole world revolves aroung their little England


Would that it were contained within a single culture Nana. And yes, the attitudes displayed on the linked vid are depressingly only too common. 

A reply I posted elsewhere, but I'd say it holds true to UK wide society as we see it today.

I’d say they suffer from a case of ‘my tribe right or wrong’. It’s not that they don’t see the fibbery and ineptitude of their chosen tribe. It’s that they either don’t want to, or they don’t care. They’ll accept any lie, any act of demonisation, any act of intimidation, just so long as their opposition suffers kinda thing. The acceptance and normalisation of deceit as a cultural tool.

We’re looking at that culture right now. The most dishonest and openly hostile UK GE in living memory.

The policy gonks in the howf on the Thames must be so proud of their achievement. 🙄

Well that will teach me to try and type with splints on..........

there/ their 

aroung/ around

but I'm sure you understood 🙂


Indeed Macart, all too familiar and yes the politicians will be very proud of their deceit as we see they continue in the same vein almost daily. Fake news, fake videos, fake policies, it's the fakery for the many.

It is what happens when people are prepared to swallow any old crapola from politicians mouths and media propaganda and sadly some folk can not or will not find the truth for themselves. Thankfully here in Scotland the scales have lifted (well for some) and we must do what we can to help others see the light. 



Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.