A forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.

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Hugging the Forum

Yep, that seems to be me, what I'm trying to do though is keep it active by introducing new topics for discussion when things go quiet. There are a fair few folk around who are used to posting on other sites, I'd appreciate some assistance to increase the amount of discussion going on and hopefully to help increase traffic to this site and in turn more comments.

Getting embarrassed seeing "my coupon" on most of the threads on the General Indy Discussion page and it would be good to see some other "mugs coupons" LOL

You know you want too πŸ™‚

You are doing a fine job Pnr, carry on carrying on πŸ™‚

But yes it would be good to see some more comments from readers. I'm taking it easy at the moment as you know and while the boss is away I added a few links.......don't go telling on me!

Have an upvote Thepnr! You always get some in forums who post more than others, the hope is that they're the ones with the most to offer rather than the least. Seems to me you do fine.

You're doing a grand job Thepnr. Trying to keep the forum going until it gets off of the ground. I've mentioned before that I reckon that we should have one main thread that people can use in general (like Wings) say if they don't want to post on a link to a specific issue. Hackalumpoff or Nana's links could be posted on that main thread too, as they were on Wings previously, to generate ongoing discussion. Just a thought.

I check in and read most days and enjoy this new site.Β  It has a positive vibe

Keep at it man, this is how anything new gets going. Great to see so many familiar names from the 'old' WOS, and we could hardly ask for a more fertile source for potential links and new readers. I doubt Rev Stu will be losing any sleep over it, but it gives us a chance to air stuff which used to end-up on Off-Topic. In any event, this place will eventually have its own identity but for now it's up to us all to help make it as diverse and interesting as possible.

Ian Brotherhood

Hello Thepnr and everyone.

I've changed the Title to Hugging the forum seeing we are all being nice.

We could have huddles on Friday nights with choons and jokes and banter and drams even.


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.