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Links Sunday 8 March 2020

@PAG1962gives an excellent summary of Health and social care in Scotland (Paul Gray Honorary Professor, University of Glasgow.  Previously NHS Scotland CEO and Civil Servant)



Reporting the Alex Salmond Trial



Alex Salmond's trial: what will happen and how it will be reported including some useful guidelines from rapecrisisscot& EqualMediaScot



Have written to the SoS for Transport again with my colleague MathesonMichaelto express concern at UKG plans,this time for a tunnel between NI & Scotland. Infrastructure is devolved.That must be respected. Money would be better spent on projects here that actually improve lives



Talking up Scotland



Scotlands True Wealth – Exposed Again!



The Shocking Pension Gap Faced By Women



The Week in Review: 29 Feb – 6 March



UK "will leave EASA" after Brexit, British Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps tells AviationWeekPowers will revert to UK's Civil Aviation Authority.



Had a weird phone call today from an American health care outfit , 20 mins of questions on how satisfied I was with the NHS



The Trump Org has lost its exclusive rights to one of its prized assets - the Trump name - for real estate development & golf accessories after an EU ruling. Filings by its attorneys show a sharp fall in golf biz at POTUS's Turnberry resort. Thread


A couple more for Sunday afternoon:

Former Tory spin doctor says Scotland already 'feels independent'
Last straw as Herald places Alex Salmond alongside Adolf Eichmann and the Yorkshire Ripper


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.