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For Tinto: Links wrapped in gosssamer-light Ciabatta, yum.


The deadline to register to vote in the General Election is the 26th of November 2019, and 4th of December for a proxy vote.





Upbeat report on @theSNP and @ScotGovFM from Alloa



An SNP MP will work “to make sure our nation is not taken out of the European Union against its national collective will”. Interesting exchange between @adamboultonSKY and @PeteWishart on #SkyNews ‘sham of democracy’ leader’s debates.






I pity anyone stupid enough to pay to listen to her drivel  http://archive.md/UC9aj

Wave of scandal: The Tory party is becoming a sewer   http://archive.md/r0jwv

Brexit has made Britain's problems worse, says Juncker   http://archive.md/S2dpf


MPs' expense body IPSA requests emergency £30m

The MPs' expense body, IPSA, has requested an emergency £30 million for payouts and winding up costs.


More Lib Dem fake leaflets.





Know who you are voting for.   https://twitter.com/lecanardnoir/status/1192124109024628737



Rachel Maddow reports on a controversy in the UK in which Prime Minister Boris Johnson is blocking the release of a report on Russian interference in the Brexit vote until after the general election scheduled for December. Aired on 11/05/19.



'I Like Oil' US wars for 'freedom' from Trump's mouth


  • Many thanks for the links, it's disappointing that there is not a greater readership. Please don't be too hasty and give it time for the word to spread. I may lurk more than you want me to,  but it's an ingrained instinct not to just jump in willynilly with gushing 'me too' type comments. So rest assured I for one greatly appreciate your effforts.

Thanks for that Redrock more links coming shortly.

It seems, Hacka, that the Spanish government's boilerplate arrest warrant application is a right dog's breakfast but I hope Ms Ponsatí's legal team doesn't get too complacent. We all know the vindictiveness of both the Spanish and UK authorities when they're out to get someone: look how the latter has disregarded procedures and bent the law out of shape in the Julian Assange case.

Fair play to Adam Boulton (wot am I saying?): he had the good grace to look shame-faced and rather apologetic as Pete Wishart made his case. Two further points it would be worth people considering: allowing the FM and Swinson to debate would produce the correct gender balance and, since there may well be a hung parliament where the SNP might hold the balance of power, it would allow English voters to hear the party's  policies and gauge her character.

Fibdems lying in electoral material? *Steps back in amazement*

I'm touched by your personalised breakfast for me, old bean, but a wee tait black puddin the morn's morn would be just grand!

Quote from Tinto Chiel on 7th November 2019, 4:27 pm

I'm touched by your personalised breakfast for me, old bean, but a wee tait black puddin the morn's morn would be just grand!


Just because we like wot u rote doesn't get you near the special Marags yet, for that to happen you will need a minimum of 1000 views.

I had some Cockburns BP last week and to be honest they are up there with  Charlie Barley's.

However, you  gave me an idea there, might there be any Butchers out there who would like to sponsor the daily links ?

Maybe some kind readers  could ask their  local butchers, hint hint. 💷💷💷



Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.