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Early Links Friday 4 September 2020

Major problem with internet access won’t be sorted till Tuesday at earliest so am posting tomorrow’s links whilst I have the opportunity.  Hopefully I will be able to gather and post some over the weekend


First Minister NicolaSturgeonholds a press conference 3/9/20



Scottish Government



Scotland Coronavirus Tracker



Programme for Government 2020-21: not a normal PFG



A fraught fiscal outlook



Nearing ‘go’ on the Scottish National Investment Bank (SNIB)



The UK’s Trade Bill 2019-21 and devolved consent



HumzaYousaf What's worrying is UK Govt want to be able to bypass Scottish Parliament & Govt & have power to introduce polygraph tests in our justice system without our consent - justice is devolved (hence why they would need an LCM).



Aamer Anwar. Hysterical reaction & dangerous attempt by Tories to try & impose Pseudo-Science of “lie-detectors” on Scotland’s independent justice system - HumzaYousafis right to say no to the use of  'Jeremy Kyle' polygraph tests” - A thread on use of tests



Brilliant, the unelected Lords & Ladies call for the elected leader of their own party to stand aside in the interests of democracy...



The new Tory leader Douglas Ross is fast developing an unenviable reputation for mendacity. It’s simply false to say that the Edinburgh Agreement contained any “once in a generation” clause. He should stop saying something which is demonstrably untrue. It doesn’t help his case.



SNP's NEC should stick to its day job, not change the rules to exclude talents like Joanna Cherry from Holyrood – Kenny MacAskill



Iain Lawson



Chipping away at the UK



This independent report from the Expert Advisory Group on Migration & Population highlights that more people are moving to Scotland from the rest of the UK than are going in the other direction. The historical trend of being a nation of net population outflow has been reversed.






Holyrood magazine



Talking up Scotland



I know it’s not deliberate - so not a criticism - but given my picture illustrates this headline, people might think it’s Scottish system being referred to. It’s not. NHS Scotland Test & Protect is currently reaching well over 90% of contacts



This is a very good thread. You need to open the thread on the third post headed “Think like an Epidemiologist “ to get the full value

In June, after reopening, #SARSCoV2#COVID19cases in Florida began to rise. Hospitalisations & deaths, however, stayed low. Perhaps it just wasn't so bad after all? Perhaps something had changed? We see similar trends in Europe now. So what happened in Florida?



The above Dr Emma Hodcroft on BBC World Service

Part one


Part two



Foreign Aid Budget To Be Diverted To Cyber Weapons Amid Ongoing Whitehall Shakeup

Reports: Foreign Aid Budget To Be Diverted To Cyber Weapons Amid Ongoing Whitehall Shakeup


Christopher Chope reads out quotes from his constituents about the Govt. Inept & incompetent... incoherent & indecisive.. authoritarian & arrogant... as these criticisms become increasingly difficult to rebut... it's essential Boris Johnson gets a grip.



Yes, Jacob Rees-Mogg did play a snippet of Rule, Britannia! in the Commons chamber today...


Thanks again Ann, best of luck with your internet "glitch"....

Thanks for the links Ann and I hope that your Internet problems get resolved ASAP as we need you, lol. Being selfish now 😎.


Meanwhile I'll leave this excellent video here.

Philippa Whitford: https://mobile.twitter.com/BBCNewsnight/status/1301647918064119811

Internet back to normal- thank goodness.  Thank you both for your good wishes.  


That is a brilliant link Petra. I hadn’t seen it. This I think is earlier on the same programme 

Perhaps the UK Supreme Court… might possibly conceivably, when faced with a proposed Scottish referendum that is different from the one in 2014, might just say actually it can go ahead.” Professor Sir John Curtice


I saw that clip Petra and was incandescent at not only Jamie Greene the Martian's "Once in a generation" bullshit but the arrogance of the presenter in presenting the view from a London perspective with interruptions but the typical "I'm sorry but we're running out of time..." CLICK to shut down Whitford's response because it did not fit THEIR agenda. "The News where you are.." sketch was never more apt it than then....

They are in for a very rude awakening next year, Pacific Quay should have already started packing....


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.