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Corvid19 - implications for indy

Apart from possible restrictions on gatherings, I expect a massive outbreak of "Now is not the time" 

You can see that coming ScotsRenewables, especially in relation to the Arbroath march. In saying that if I lived on the east coast I wouldn't fancy seeing hundreds of thousands of potentially coronavirus carriers marching through my town, eating and drinking in local restaurants and pubs. And if there's an upsurge of coronavirus cases, worst still deaths, in that area (and later others) following the march, independence supporters will be castigated by the locals, many Scots?, and the MSM will make a meal of it of course.

As to "now is not the time", I suppose it could go either way especially if Boris Johnston, et al, exacerbates the coronavirus situation, such as not paying low paid workers / those on zero hour contracts sick pay leading to them spreading the virus. And then will he be outed as a liar, again, when he says that the NHS can cope when we all know that it can't.

I read this immediately after reading your comment Petra 

Hong Kong authorities accused of seizing on coronavirus outbreak to pressure pro-democracy movement


A normally sane  friend of mine posted on Facebook the idea that the virus was deliberately released by mainland China to bring Hong Kong to heel. 

Are facemasks the new tinfoil helmets? 

In other news, rumours of Westminster being shut down for six months are gaining traction. 

''Rumours of Westminster being shut down for six months'' (and then they'll all head off to their own wee desert island) wouldn't surprise me as many, many, elderly people with no friends or relatives are expected to self-isolate. 


Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.