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Please use this thread to suggest up to half a dozen of your favourite Scottish titles, or indeed anything else that might inspire Yessers. I will add them to the bookstore if they are available on Amazon

Nice one !

Some books by James Hunter, the Highland Historian

Scottish Exodus: Travels Among a Worldwide Clan
The Making of the Crofting Community
Set Adrift upon the World: The Sutherland Clearances


Also some fiction from Neil Gunn

The Silver Darlings
Highland River
Young Art and Old Hector


This is the general list from the Scottish History course guide at Aberdeen university. Also stuck in the suggestions for Anglo-Scottish relations, as I'm sure people would be particularly interested in that topic! 

There's a ton more but these are the general starter ones and they are mostly the top names in their fields:


For broad histories of Scotland:

  1. A. Houston and W. Knox. (eds), New Penguin History of Scotland (2002)
  2. Lynch, Scotland: A New History (1992)
  3. I. Macinnes, A History of Scotland (2019)
  4. Wormald (ed.), Scotland: A History (2005)


For the medieval period, the following works provide a good introduction:

  1. W. S. Barrow, Kingship and Unity: Scotland 1000-1306 (1981)
  2. Grant, Independence and Nationhood: Scotland 1306-1469 (1985)


For the later medieval period and the early modern centuries:

  1. M. Brown, Kingdom or Province? Scotland and the Regal Union, 1603-1715 (1992)
  2. Wormald, Court, Kirk and Community: Scotland 1469-1625 (1981)
  3. A. Whatley, Scottish Society, 1707-1830 (2000)


For the modern era:

  1. A. Cameron, Impaled Upon a Thistle: Scotland since 1880 (2010)
  2. M. Devine, The Scottish Nation, 1700-2000 (1999)
  3. J. Finlay, Modern Scotland 1914-2000 (2004)
  4. M. M. Macdonald, Whaur Extremes Meet: Scotland’s Twentieth Century (2009)
  5. C. Smout, A Century of the Scottish People, 1830-1950 (1986)


Anglo-Scottish relations:

G.W.S. Barrow, Scotland and its Neighbours in the Middle Ages (1992)

M.H. Brown, The Wars of Scotland 1214-1371 (2004)

R.R. Davies, The First English Empire: Power and Identities in the British Isles, 1093-1343 (2000)

T.M. Devine (ed.), Scotland and the Union, 1707-2007 (Edinburgh, 2008), 123-39

R.J. Finlay, Independent and Free: Scottish nationalism and the origins of the Scottish National Party, 1918-1945 (1994)

  1. Lee, Great Britain's Solomon: James VI and I in his three kingdoms (1990)
  2. Whatley, Bought and Sold for English Gold? Explaining the Union of 1707 (1994)

Have added Hacka's suggestions and half a dozen of yours, Nana - not all were available, so I've picked six, all post-1707 titles

I've also added six modern Scottish novels, all by pro-indy authors, that I have really enjoyed.

I would like to add "A Midsummer Eve's Dream: Variations on a theme by William Dunbar" by A.D. Hope.

Dunbar was a court poet in the 15th Century and A.D. Hope believes that the themes in his poem give insight into the customs of the period . They also reflect how Scottish society evolved from ancient times through the Pictish, Gaelic and Roman influences echoed in Dunbar's poem.

A.D Hope was an Australian academic and poet.

I've found a downloadable pdf copy of "A Midsummer Eve's Dream",, complete with accurate dust covers and illustrations:


'Scotland's Story' by Tom Steel (1984) and the accompanying 24-part TV series by CH4/STV.

The book is available on e-bay for £3 - £5 and some episodes are on Youtube.

Ian Brotherhood

I used to have an affiliate on Amazon going back to the 90s but don't any more. I should probably email this to you:

Scottish History Books

ASIN/185158823X - William Wallace by James Mackay

ASIN/0946487332 - Blind Harry's Wallace by William Hamilton

ASIN/0094764409 - Robert the Bruce by Caroline Bingham or ASIN/0094800200 paperback

ASIN/0862416167 - Robert the Bruce: King of Scots by Ronald McNair Scott


Born in <em>England</em>, but brought up in one of the many Scots parts of Canada, John Prebble's excellent books include

ASIN/0140253505 - Culloden

ASIN/0140028374 - The Highland Clearances

ASIN/0140028978 - Glencoe

ASIN/0712666842 - John Prebble's Scotland

ASIN/0140056459 - The Lion in the North , 1,000 years of Scotland from the Picts to the Highland Clearances.

ASIN/1841580546 - Darien: the Scottish Dream of Empire by John Prebble


Remember that history is <strong>rewritten</strong> by the winning side.
Bonnie Prince Charlie is often described as a poor commander who cared nothing for his men.
But with just the 7 Men of Moidart he landed at Glenfinnan in one small frigate,
the larger one damaged by a man-of-war. In spite of that he won at Prestonpans and down South to Derby.

ASIN/0750919892 - The Flight of Bonnie Prince Charlie by Hugh Douglas, Michael J. Stead (Photos)

ASIN/188715969X - Bonnie Prince Charlie by G. A. Henty

30,000 pounds on his head, but no takers. Ridiculing the Jacobites, true heirs to the thrones of Scotland and England, may have helped prevent more uprisings. You need to visit and decide yourself. Visit Scotland!


Yeah, I checked a couple but you'd need to check the rest and do your own stuff!


  • if you're only going to buy one, get The Lion in the North.


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