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Big news, well maybe


Big news: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (@TBIJ) has launched a legal challenge to force the Government to publish the report on Russian interference in the UK



Wow Nana, that could prove interesting, provided the beeb and the other media outlets don't smother it somehow.

Aye Marie, we live in hope as always 🙂

Live in hope indeed Nana, I heard Hilary Clinton on today program on Tuesday (I think) discussing this.. 

Michelle Hussein asking her why she thought said documents had not been released?

to her credit, Hilary replied with words to the effect of "I would have thought investigative journalists such as yourself would be trying to find that out.." (!)

Sorry I can't link it yet.. I am a bit of a technosaur.. But hey!I have now registered, and managed my first post!

Thanks to you and the rest of the gang for all you do, and declaring this space, open..


Good to see you here Jamie. 

I saw the interview with Clinton on the bbc talking about the suppressed report.

As you jogged my memory I thought I'd put it here for those who didn't see the interview first time around.


Clinton: 'Every UK voter deserves to see Russia report'


and while I'm here


ASTOUNDING statement from Prof. Philip Davies, a director of the Brunel Centre for Intelligence & Security Studies, @mrjamesob explains we were all concerned enough already (over the non-publication of the ISC report)...Prof. Davies replies, "It's much worse than you think!"



Full segment with Ian Lucas (minus ad break) from @mrjamesob's @LBC programme earlier today re: #RussianInterference.



Forum for discussion of Scottish independence and a second independence referendum.