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Alex Salmond has walked free from the High Court in Edinburgh

Charge 1: not guilty by majority

Charge 2: not guilty by majority

Charge 3: not guilty by majority

Charge 4: not guilty by majority

Charge 5: not guilty by majority

Charge 6: Admonished

Charge 7: not guilty by majority

Charge 8: not proven by majority

Charge 9: not guilty by majority

Charge 10: not guilty by majority

Charge 11: not guilty by majority

Charge 12: not guilty by majority

Charge 13: not guilty by majority

Charge 14: not guilty by majority

Brilliant news, I couldn't be more pleased for him. I've always been of the opinion that this was politically motivated and orchestrated.  He has the last laugh, this will do great damage to the Unionist cause.

Yes Alex, the right decision in my opinion. I see sources close to Mr Salmond (whoever they might be) is considering making a political comeback. Stand back from the fan, the brown stuff is about to hit.

Correction to my first post

- he was not admonished on anything, but one of the verdicts was not proven rather than not guilty.

Innocent of all of them.


Do you think he will be allowed back into the SNP?

Scroll down for him speaking.  Very poor sound 



I think rejoining the SNP might be one of the first things he would do. Unless he has other plans for his future political life, like a completely new party. I doubt though that he would do that as the SNP were and probably still are very very dear and important to him. Guess we'll find out soon enough.

The focus now of the media will be on emphasising a split between him and Nicola Sturgeon and implying she was the one that is responsible for the complaints. Just stirring the porridge but that's their job. The British government and their senior civil servants employed to work at the heart of the Scottish government are the ones responsible and no one else.

I'm thinking in particular of the head civil servant, Lesley Evans who brought in the new rules that meant a former First Minister could be investigated for complaints over sexual assault by employees. She lost that and then it was her decision to get the police involved.

She'll be gone within months, early retirement, along with a few others. Mark my words

This link is a bit better for sound Ann-B

If you get an error trying to play that then click on the Youtube link in the bottom RH corner before it starts. It works fine on Youtube.


Joanna Cherry statement on the acquittal of AlexSalmond  can be read here.



This is part of what Nicola said after Alex was found not guilty:

"I have no doubt that there will be further discussion around this issue in due course, in the fullness of time – and I welcome that."

Now why would Nicola say she would welcome further discussion if she is the baddy? So
let’s not jump to any conclusions. The powers that be have been trying to silence the real SNP MPs for years. And there are some who were put into the snp to bring the good guys down on behalf of London.

They hate Nicola as much as they hate Alex Salmond.

Nicola and Alex need to come forward as one now and show the anti Nicola brigade that it's not her, but the British establishment that are behind all this before it all gets out of hand.

I used to enjoy reading Craig Murray and btl but it's as bad as Wings now with all the get rid of NS stuff. Really depressing.

Oh and I have never commented on CMs site.   The "Alyson" who does sometimes comment there is not me.    

One night's respite and now I'm hearing that the Met are after him now due to Police Scotland handing 4 cases over to them. Will this never end for him and Moira? Hellish to say the least. They won't be happy until they see him in prison or dead and buried through stress and grief.

@ Thepnr


Many thanks for that link.

Keep safe everyone and remember, no one needs to feel totally cut off. You know there's friends online to have a chat and to reach out to.


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