Johnson and Davidson tomorrow

The meeting with Sturgeon will hold no surprises, with gloves off and only a very shallow and brittle veneer of politeness. Of far more interest is Johnson’s meeting with Ruth the Mooth, the erstwhile leader of the Scottish branch.

Ruthie has made it quite clear she is no fan of Boris, and will have been apalled by his brutal dismissal of her pal Fluffy.

Even more incredible though is the appointment of a Brexiteer Tory MP for Worcester to the Scotland Office rather than any of the other 11 Scottish Tories. This not only sets a dismaying historical precedent, it also shows Johnson’s total contempt for the Scottish wing of the party.

I would like to be a fly on that wall. Meanwhile, rumours abound that the Scottish Tories are going to split from the UK party and set up on their own. I wonder, if they do will they keep the ‘Unionist’ part of the name?