Sunday 20th October 2019

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Friday 18th October 2019





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Nicola Sturgeon on the new Brexit agreement   video

Read this thread!

More  Jacob Rees-Mogg @LeaderMHoC seemed rather rattled when I pointed out that under the revised NI protocol   video

Legal bid at Court of Session to stop MPs debating Brexit deal

In 2014 it was claimed that Scotland is an equal partner in UK. Mentions in the revised Withdrawal Agreement, including Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland: see here

Hearing Tory MPs getting offers of anything to back Boris Johnson’d deal – it is DUP style but for the shires” Tory MP offered almost any wee “bribe” for constituency

Earlier today I led for @theSNP at International Trade Questions where I challenged the Secretary of State on the UK’s influence in the WTO after Brexit.   video

British businesses say new Brexit deal worse than May’s agreement

How long has it taken them to figure this out

Deal latest – Experts say this doesn’t give the guarantees on a softer brexit as Theresa May’s deal. In May’s deal there were legally binding commitments on level playing field. This kicks that can down the road, and could mean a harder or a softer brexit dependent on PM

So yesterday Trump was saying Boris had asked him to facilitate a meeting and today

Saturday is the most important day in the entire Brexit saga

Starmer says

Excuse the long thread, but I have looked carefully at the #BrexitDeal negotiated by Boris Johnson. Here is my analysis: 1/


Here’s a thread on the consent issue, the subject of a lot of controvesy and confusion:

Brexit: madder and madder

Mike Clancy says:  This morning I met with @michaelgove to discuss the new Brexit Deal.

Hitachi set to miss out on Metro deal due to Brexit risks

Boris Johnson wanted Brexit deal ‘at any cost’ to avoid extension, says DUP

Johnson’s Brexit deal: far worse than Theresa May’s and infinitely inferior to Remaining

Boris Johnson leads his weary people to the unpromised land

Where are the EU?


Thursday 17th October 2019





1/ What the hell happens now? @StevePeers talks through the two most likely options – Johnson secures a WA, with the EU, but requests a short technical extension or he fails & is forced into requesting an extension *anyway* up to the 31st Jan 2020.

Brexit: a Mad Hatter’s tea party

EU response to the DUP refusal to accept the draft Brexit agreement as it stands is: this is first and foremost a problem for the UK /1

US Speaker Nancy Pelosi warns UK not to be misled on post-Brexit trade deal



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This statement should be our mantra

Broadcasting Scotland were in Aberdeen to bring you our SNP 2019 Conference Special Reports in which we speak with delegates about the conference and events in the news. In this programme, we talk to Stewart Hosie MP, Lorena Lopez De Lacalle, President of EFA and Drew Hendry MP.

Another depressing/alarming meeting with a diff Trade sector – Petroleum. Gasoline that was freely traded to Amsterdam Rotterdam & Antwerp facing a new 4.7% tariff. Denuding viability of current UK refineries over time. I learn more details about Brexit damage almost daily

Is BBC Scotland’s Disclosure team afraid to expose English ‘County Lines’ drug gangs targeting children despite a government report, two warnings from police and one from a youth charity?

Brexit affairs committee, Joanna takes on Barclay

Stephen Barclay, a pointless secretary for a pointless Brexit

This a thousand times

“No-deal is catastrophic. The deal being proposed is catastrophic. It’s like a choice of being hit by a freight train, or by a bus”

If you can bear to watch a man with no morals & no principles, here’s he is

Shame there is no comment space

Tory DWP chief in furious row as she denies cuts are plunging kids into poverty

UK border risks snarl up in no-deal Brexit – audit office

So what is the rather important VAT issue as it applies to Brexit & Irish border

We believe the Government’s proposed Withdrawal Agreement is contrary to section 55 of the Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Act 2018

Sales of whitewash going through the roof

MPs press minister over Jennifer Arcuri investigation


Meet the top cop who wants to police your pronouns

Trump says Johnson asked him to set up meeting with Harry Dunn family


Wednesday 16th October 2019




10:30 UPDATE

This is very infantile & wholly in breach of assurances Johnson gave the Court of Session.

Blame labour

Brexit: still anybody’s guess

No-deal Brexit could mean freight delays and more fraud, says NAO

How come no UK journalists have bothered to dig this out:



Brexit brings ‘catastrophic’ £34m bill for Scotland’s fishing sector,with-a-cherry-on-top-exclusive-interview-with-joanna-cherry_14544.htm

In no particular order, here’s all the ways the Brits have violated the Good Friday Agreement: – refusing to recognise Irish citizenship of Irish citizens in North (as confirmed today) – forming a supply and demand arrangement with DUP, thereby negating duty to remain neutral

Conservative Party election leaflets suggest Brexit delay

There has been a 10% rise in hate crimes recorded by police in England and Wales.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar just now in Dublin: (is he putting distance between himself and the Thorntan Manor deal?)

Brexit Britain

Family terrified after car is destroyed in despicable racist attack

Revealed: Cameron and May lobbied Bahrain royals for Tory donor’s oil firm


Tuesday 15th October 2019





Disrespectful to Scotland yet again  watch

In just one sentence, @joannaccherry exposes and eviscerates the Tory Queen’s Speech for the pure electioneering that it is.

Scotland can’t afford independence? Scotland can’t afford to stay in the UK

Glasgow equal pay women shocked by legal fees on payouts

Well done

Whether or not  Swinson is the slimiest politician,  she is without doubt a Tory.£15bn-to-sick-and-disabled-benefits-claimants-due-to-blunder/

Turkey-Syria offensive: Kurds reach deal with Syrian army

Benefits system automation could plunge claimants deeper into poverty

Emma DeSouza case: Tribunal rules that people born in Northern Ireland are automatically British

Government dodges ‘full fibre for all by 2025’ pledge

Irish govt response on outcome of Home Office appeal against @EmmandJDeSouza case says Tanaiste Simon Coveney will raise issue of citizenship and identity provisions with NI Secretary when they next meet

Johnson’s launches the first mythical Queen’s Speech

Spain’s imprisonment of Catalan leaders is a desperate move that will backfire


Monday 14th October 2019





NB my Editor is  away at conference so updates will appear in comments section thru the day. 


Repeating some of the links from the comments section posted on Friday for anyone who missed them.


Brexit Countdown?

Readout following this weekend’s #Brexit technical talks:

Chris Giles is the economic editor for the FT  says
if we’re moving towards a fudged NI backstop Brexit deal with a standard UK free trade agreement, thread on the economic effects

tl:dr Johnson’s is a much HARDER Brexit than May’s

– UK government thinks this will end up making us ALL £2,250 A YEAR POORER

Here’s the latest on the Brexit negotiations:

EU sources downplay prospects of breakthrough in Brexit talks

1/ A few clips from this week’s @CommonsHomeAffs with Dr Anna Jerzewska & Sam Lowe. ‘On customs *Johnson’s proposals* we are accepting there is going to be a border *between NI-IRE* and there are going to be checks.’ @SamLowe muses on the appropriateness of this approach.

As we wait for white smoke to rise in Brussels, there’s lots in the Sunday papers to mull over…starting with this nugget from @ShippersUnbound about how Northern Irish security fears pushed @BorisJohnson into pinning his ears back and going for a deal…


The economic impact of Boris Johnson’s Brexit proposals: UK out of customs union, plus at most a minimal “Canada-minus” FTA, means GDP hit of up to 7%, and fiscal cost of up to £50 billion. Our new report, out now:

If the House of Commons were to approve a withdrawal agreement on 19 October, and there was no extension, we would have No Deal on 31 October. Here’s why. THREAD.

Dr Jennifer Cassidy confronts Richard Tice

Article from July   In British PM Race, a Former Russian Tycoon Quietly Wields Influence

The second ERG amendment made it unlawful for Northern Ireland to enter a separate customs territory from UK. Boris Johnson will have to find a Commons majority to repeal/amend the trade bill if his new Brexit plan is going to fly.

From ‘Help!’ to Imagine in the Brexit process.

Week in Review: Govt’s Oct 31st campaign the pinnacle of Brexit weirdness

“The idea that Brexit is an anti-elite project is a nonsense.”


Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal would make people worse off than Theresa May’s

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to former alleged MI6 spy in Al-Qaeda Aimen Dean about the Turkish invasion of Northern Syria controlled by Kurdish groups………….

Boris Johnson accused of using Queen’s Speech to rig result of next election

Not for publication: A letter from the Rt Horrible Boris Johnson MP:


Warning – distressing to watch



Friday 11th October 2019






According to the Telegraph Northern Ireland costs the UK taxpayer more than being in the EU (forget that being in the EU is a big earner for business & tax revenue) BUT v interesting development.,boris-johnson-plans-to-send-second-letter-to-eu-cancelling-request-for-brex_14533.htm

R/T Feorlean: . michaelgove is desperately trying to deflect attention from this :

Pensions tax relief set to cost government almost £40bn. HMRC statistics show rising cost of subsidies, with higher-rate taxpayers claiming most.

So quick thoughts on @BorisJohnson @LeoVaradkar pow-wow and what we know/don’t know. /1 Thread

Brexit: a pathway to a possible deal?

NEW: Key manufacturers warn “serious risk” in new Johnson Brexit deal plan, after Govt fails to reassure still seeks participation in EU agencies EASA, ECHA, EMA…Thread

Johnson fails spectacularly to sneak in and out of Merseyside

Here’s video of Trump attending the grand opening of Trump Tower in Turkey. Ivanka even thanked Erdogan on Twitter for this deal. Gonna say it loud and cleaR



Bidder announced for broadband roll out.

Apologies for direct link but there is a video   Nicola Sturgeon: ‘No shortcut route to Scottish independence’

and re the bbc article Angus McNeil says

Standard Life Aberdeen to axe hundreds of Scottish jobs just days before Christmas

UK Brexit plan not shown to Scottish Govt

Backlash as BBC announces Julia Hartley-Brewer on Question Time panel

The PM has granted the opposition access talks with the civil service. This is significant. They only happen when an election is looming – an indication No.10 think next two weeks will bring them the election they are pushing for?

Explanation here

Disgusted by this, will we in Scotland stand by and watch while our friends and neighbours are thrown out of Scotland by a foreign government.

EU nationals lacking settled status could be deported, minister says

“The feeling we all got was that he didn’t know his arse from his elbow…it was a catastrophically bad meeting.” Raad Seiger, the lawyer acting as an advisor to Harry Dunn’s family commenting on their meeting with @DominicRaab yesterday.

Brexit deal possible by October 31 deadline following meeting with Johnson – Taoiseach

Ex-MI6 chief criticises threat to withdraw security cooperation with EU

Nissan Europe ‘unsustainable’ in no-deal Brexit

MOD Denies British Personnel Will Be ‘Forced’ Into Joining EU Army

‘Our enemies are not in the poorest countries on the planet, but right here in the richest one’


Thursday 10th October 2019





England be ashamed!

Fiasco: the inside story of the Brexit talks

Brexit backstop showdown as Johnson and Varadkar set for ‘last chance’ summit

Brexit’s legacy for England will be politics as sectarian as Northern Ireland’s

Brexit: marching inexorably to a no-deal

Here’s the Government’s Brexit “No deal readiness report”. It runs to 155 pages. It is a peculiar mix of jolly pro-Brexit cheerleading and hair-raising warnings about everything that’s about to hit us with the force of a charging rhino.

Hunt has sent this letter to EU foreign minister (ht @bbclaurak). First, am sure it wasn’t the intention, but it comes across as the ‘dear Europeans, let me explain things to you because Britain knows best’ that so annoys many member states (beyond Brexit)




Scotland’s future must be in Scotland’s hands and not Boris Johnson’s. Deidre Brock speaks with people across Edinburgh on why it’s clear that only with an independent Scotland in Europe can we secure a more prosperous future, video

Find out how communities across Scotland may be affected by #Brexit with Scotgov’s interactive map. The map can be used to help local authorities and other organisations prepare for Brexit.

Richard Murphy Tax Research UK joins Norrie Hunter  in the IndyLive Radio Studio to talk GERS, UK Spending in Scotland and the potential of Scotland to be the ‘New Saudi Arabia’ and A Green New Deal

Brexit: Special sitting for MPs to decide UK’s future. Or more likely England will decide for everyone

Candidates battle it out to replace Commons Speaker Bercow

StevenPeers responds to decision by the Court of Session

No-deal Brexit: Julian Smith among ministers on ‘resignation watch’

Boris tells lies

Is there about to be a breakthrough in the Brexit talks?

“Disgusted and let down”   Harry Dunn’s mother describes her meeting with the foreign secretary as “a publicity stunt”.

Scroll down for archived article   Is Brexit making Britain a bargain for foreign investors?

Boris Johnson asks for his ‘insufficient’ reply to Jennifer Arcuri claims to be kept secret


Wednesday 9th October 2019



1000  UPDATE

You may have your own opinion on how much Eva Bolander, the Lord Provost of Glasgow, spent on clothes but the guidance for Councillors’ Remuneration, Allowances & Expenses thinks £5,000 pa is reasonable for a Lord Provost of Glasgow. She spent £4,000 pa

Lord Provost spends £8000 over 2 years (spending only 80% of her pre-set and approved budget) @MonicaLennon7 spaffs £25,000 in ONE year on dining experiences, fancy hotels (she lives 30 mins away from Holyrood) and trips to opulent bars.

Pound slumps against euro and dollar as Brexit chaos bites

Can the Queen sack Johnson?

Brexit: the day the deal died

Johnson faces fresh Tory rebellion over prospect of no-deal Brexit

Brexit is a necessary crisis – it reveals Britain’s true place in the world





Starting with a crowdfunder link this morning. The folks at Phantom power do a great job, donate if you are able to.

First Minister @NicolaSturgeon officially opened the £14.7 million Inverurie Health and Care Hub today.

Speaking outside of the Court of Session in Edinburgh, @JolyonMaugham says that if Boris Johnson does not comply with the law, the UK faces a “genuine constitutional crisis”

Tommy Sheppard confronts Gove

“I don’t know why we keep getting documents on preparing for a no deal #Brexit when to do so without the support of the House will be illegal”

Peter Grant raises a point of order about Michael Gove’s description of SNP as “sectarian” for a second time from the dispatch box. “I wasn’t here, so I dunno mate”, responds Lindsay Hoyle.


UK fishing exports could be halted within 48 hours of no deal

Trump firm ‘refusing to pay’ legal bill for windfarm case


Dierdre Brock says  “Just out of a committee where the Tory Minister said that the Tory manifesto commitment to continue financial support to farmers and fishing fleets only lasts until the next general election…

European Parliament president David Sassoli is briefing reporters after meeting Boris Johnson. He says talks were so frank he “felt like I was in a TV talk show”. Don’t think that’s entirely good.

Sassoli says Johnson told him the UK will leave on 31 Oct and will not seek an extension. Sassoli says Johnson’s plans as they stand “are not an actual proposal”. Nothing is definite, “everything is left to the future”.

Prescribed Zantac heartburn medicine recall in UK

“Issuing threats to member states isn’t the way a responsible govt should be acting at a time when we need to be stopping a no-deal”


No 10 memo threatening EU states over Brexit extension ‘is shaming’

Here’s a quick take on the Johnson-Merkel call:

Keir Starmer spells out the reality of what Johnson is up to – everyone knows Vote Leave conned the country – they’re doing it again…


Top scientists accuse Boris Johnson of sacrificing the UK’s research reputation – and billions of pounds in EU grants

It’s significant that the phone call happened particularly after such a dark day when it comes to #Brexit negotiations says @RTENewsPaulC of this evening’s conversation between @LeoVaradkar and @BorisJohnson

Video and link to article here

If no deal Brexit is really what Leavers wanted all along, why are they now desperately trying to blame it on the European Union, asks James O’Brien.


For goodness sake!

Boris Johnson and the Russian Mountain: a two minute film which sets out why MI6 was worried about a security risk.

A grown up speaks and owns the frothing faragist and far right lick spittle Michael Gove.

Before the shit hits the fan, better get stockpiling!

The Latest: EU Parliament’s Brexit chief slams no-deal aim

The Irish border is a matter of life and death, not technology   Fintan O’Toole

“No-deal #Brexit will result in no growth at all in the economy for years. It will hit public finances hard, and see a return to austerity”


Tuesday 8th October 2019





It’s #NobOff day!

Expected agenda for the Inner House hearing today. We begin at 9.30 am with an application for an urgent disposal of our appeal against yesterday’s Outer House decision. Then we will have a hearing of our Nobile Officium petition (our Note of Argument

Boris Johnson urged to stop Donald Trump imposing tariffs on Scotch whisky

How Number 10 view the state of the negotiations

Boris Johnson faces court challenge over no-deal Brexit from low-paid workers

Brexit, a study in politics v law

Brexit: confusion

Pat Finucane: Security service wiped hard drives

A short thread on @JGForsyth exlposive(ly) transparent memo from the Cummings wing of Downing Street – and what it reveals about dynamics as we limp to Failure Friday /thread.



0700 Good Morning

“We’re not happy about accepting the prime minister’s word.”


Expert quits Home Office drug panel over ‘political vetting’

She is a Tory

Unable to archive

Quoting mysterious, unnamed senior sources allows Johnson to look statesmanlike while Dominic Cummings engages in dodgier threats and sabre-rattling, writes Jill Rutter.

@StevePeers unpacks today’s #Brexit judgment from the @SCTScourtstribs Court of Session and looks at what might follow, in the Inner House hearing tomorrow and beyond

The Go Home Office: how the department of Windrush could harm EU nationals next

Northern Ireland Remain parties sign joint letter rejecting Johnson’s Brexit proposals

The #DUP‘s Jeffrey Donaldson being taken to task on BBC’s The View

Revealed: the EU’s point-by-point rejection of Johnson’s Brexit plan

AP sources: Trump allies sought changes at Ukraine utility